This week’s news plus how calling out to God glorifies Him 


censorship billLiberal Politicians Push Bill to Outlaw Non-Approved Speech on the Internet

IAF “Arrow battery” intercepts Syrian missile, in first reported use of the system

Suspicious D.C. cellular activity suggests illegal monitoring

Travel Ban Blocking Judge Had Special Dinner Guest Night of His Ruling

South Sudan: Conflict, hunger, and the threats to childrenSudan

Gen. Mattis Withdraws Pro-Brotherhood Pick

Iran Boasts: We Have Infiltrated U.S. (Brief Video)

What Does The Dutch Election Result Mean?

immigrantCensus: Half of kids in top 700 school systems from immigrant homes, 30% illegally:

Is Erdogan Inciting a Holy War Against Christian Europe? (MUST READ)

Shin Bet: Hamas stealing Turkish aid money to fund terror

IRS Expedited Tax-Exempt Status for Satanist Groups While Stalling Conservative, Tea Party Organizations:

New Evidence Obama Spied on Trump


Terror in France! Devout Muslim Targets Police at Paris Airport:Eifel tower down


Glory through our Trials

This week as seen more terrorist attacks in London and Paris, more attempts to silence conservative views, fireworks on Capitol Hill as charges and counter charges were ratcheted up over ties to the Russians, leaked classified information, and Trumps wiretap claims. Erdogan of Turkey has been making more threats, and terrorists are finding new ways to divert money to their coffers. Cities and states are tenaciously holding on to their self-proclaimed sanctuary status, and more of Obama’s plans to undermine the Trump presidency have been exposed.

smileConsidering the state of world affairs, our natural reaction is to do everything we can to ensure stability in our private little worlds. Sometimes God gives us seasons, however brief, when we can catch our breath, relax, and enjoy life’s blessings. Eventually these seasons are interrupted by the realities of life. We find ourselves crying out to God for help when trouble finds us again. God has told us what to do during these times:

Call on Me in a day of trouble; I will rescue you, and you will honor Me (Psalm 50:15).

We’re familiar with the trouble and rescue, but we likely have missed the honor part of this verse. It means that when we call on God in our trials, we bring glory to God. God allows these difficultGod provides times in our lives so we will recognize our need and call out to Him. One of the reasons God does this is to display to a watching world the difference He makes when His children call upon Him. If we never went through these difficult times, those around us might never have the opportunity to witness God’s provision in the lives of His children. If God displayed His love for the world’s people through the death of His Son, shouldn’t we expect God to use the pain on our lives to reinforce that truth?

The other reason for the difficulties we face is that He knows we would feel self-sufficient if everything in our lives was smooth sailing. We would feel like we’ve got everything under control and didn’t need God’s help. When this happens, it never ends well. At some point, we realize that apart from Christ, we will accomplish nothing of lasting value.

prisoner handsI have been reminded of this in my prison ministry. God has brought me to a place where I had no idea what to do next. I was out of resources. I was alone with ten of the worst offenders in the state. I knew God had placed me there, but things had taken an unexpected and “troubling” turn. I had no choice but to trust one hundred percent in the leading of the Holy Spirit. As I prayed for guidance, God gave me a general (and I do mean general) idea of what He wanted me to say. That was it.

As I began the “discussion” according to my directions, I could feel the Holy Spirit slowly but surely moving, giving me the thoughts and the words, and creating a bond between me and these men. He did it His way, in a way I never would have considered. Clearly, He was glorified as He answered my cry for help. The details of how He worked will be a part of my testimony from now on.glory

The world will continue to implode, but we are to use the difficulties we face to bring God the glory He deserves. Watching what happens to Donald Trump, Barack Obama, the Clintons, or ISIS is like watching the drama of a soap opera. What happens in our daily lives as we gut it out should be like watching the God of the universe in action. Call on Him often. He’s waiting for our call.



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