You won’t believe the people who have joined my ministry team.




In an effort to ensure that I bring you the most accurate and professional analysis of the news, I am excited to announce the addition of three exceptionally qualified people to my staff and to welcome them into the ministry. My desire is to improve in three areas. The first is to eliminate typos and make sure I am using the correct words to convey my messages. Another desire is to make sure I don’t become part of the “Fake News” club. The third desire is to ensure that morale never takes a hit and remains strong. Therefore, I have added to my staff:

Chief Editor:                         Zack Lee Wright

Fact Checkers:                     Dee Bunker and Salata Malarky

Morale Maintenance           Yagata Lovett

If these hires work out, I may consider adding more in the future, but for now, I need to be able to pay them what they are worth. My ministry has grown over the last years. My blogs and newsletters are reaching people all over the world and my prison ministry is expanding into more prisons. Right now, there are only two of us doing all the prison work so we’re stretched pretty thin. Thanks to the faithfulness of a few donors, we have been able to provide class materials including workbooks and handouts (an in a few cases, printers and cartridges).

The good news is that after mastering the courses themselves, those in our core group are facilitating more and more classes to men in their dorms. They, in turn, are doing the same, so we are constantly needing to purchase more “Experiencing God” workbooks and to print more copies of my “Turkeys and Eagles” course. I am also giving “T & E” graduates a copy of my new devotional, “Daily Reflections.”

Beyond the expansion, we are seeing real changes in the men. Some are nothing like the men we met over two years ago. They are learning to deep and have allowed the truth to genuinely set them free. It’s exciting just being around them. Our class time is absolutely wonderful. We don’t want it to end. God has become real and so has their relationships with Him. I wouldn’t give this up for anything.

In addition, we are traveling more, especially since we have just begun work in a new prison in the upstate.  into a new prison this coming January. The bottom line is that we could really use some financial help. Please consider a monthly or on-time gift of any amount. To donate click the DONATE button above.

I hope you will consider partnering with me in what God is doing, especially behind bars. Zack, Dee, Salata and Yagata also thank you.


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