Start with simply seeing if you can fit

If you don’t quite fit, take what you an get


Consider using the flap of the box as a pillow

If you’re long-haired, use the benefit of your coat and tail
Remember that you and your box must nearly become one
Use your imagination: try an S-like position
or an inverted C-like position
or even an L-like one
If you totally trust your humans, relax your back legs to the max
Sometimes O-like positions do not fit the box well, but you can always experiment
If the box is rather small, try sticking your paws and tail out of it
or stretch just one paw out like this (back paw)
or like this (front paw)
Invite a friend to join you
and enjoy it
Your humans may wonder how you can sleep like that
Ignore them and enjoy
Perhaps they won’t even notice you
or you can try hiding in an absolutely unexpected box
This position is for experienced yoga cats
Even small boxes will do in a pinch
You can use any box-like structure you can find
to get some practice
Just remember to be creative

There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life:

Music and cats–Albert Schweitzer

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