Learn how Muslims have historically “tolerated” other religions.


This is a reminder of the true nature of Islam. Remember this as the Muslim propaganda machine tries to convince us that its goal is to live in peace and harmony with its neighbors.

Muslim rageOnce Muslims take control of an area or nation, they force their new “subjects” to practice the beliefs of Islam or face serious consequences. Throughout history, conquered Buddhists, Hindus, and other pagans have been given two choices: become a Muslim or die. Conquered Christians and Jews have been given an additional option: accept dhimmi status.

Accepting dhimmi status means you will pay crushing taxes and suffer continual humiliation for living as a non-Muslim in a Muslim-controlled land. Many have “converted” to avoid such a life. Others have chosen death.

Those who have chosen to become dhimmis:

* Had to make room when a Muslim passes them on the street.
* Had to pay the crushing and humiliating jizya tax, become a slave, or be executed.
* Could not carry a weapon.
* Could not wear green (the color of Islam) clothes.
* Could not fight back when assaulted by a Muslim.
* Had to cut the front of their hair short, clearly identifying them as a dhimmi.
* Could not wear shoes.



This partial list is sufficient to grasp the big picture. According to the Qur’an, non-Muslims are to be treated as sub-human servants to Muslims. No details are given as to how this de-humanizing process is to be carried out, so it is up to the creativity of the Muslim. They can do pretty much whatever they want. Some have chosen to keep their “slaves” alive and healthy for the income they produce.

My purpose in writing this article is to illustrate the absurdity of thinking that Muslims want to live in peace and harmony with those from other religions. All the verses in the Qur’an that suggest this have been abrogated by later verses. The goal of Muslim leaders worldwide is world-domination and the spread of Shariah law.

Don’t be taken in by all the smooth talking and outright lies. As soon as Muhammad’s followers became powerful enough, they massacred all the Jewish tribes near Medina. This became the pattern that would be followed. Devout Muslims still believe that invasions and conquests are to continue today. When they know they can’t get away with such a blatant approach, they choose more subtle means like the “jihad through sabotage” strategy the Muslim Brotherhood has adopted for America.

Here you have a picture of the world if Muslims had their way. Wake up America!



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