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Anticipating the Third Temple

As the time of the Rapture draws ever closer, many are closely monitoring events in the Middle East for signs of movement toward the construction of the Third Temple. Until recently, the volatile atmosphere surrounding the Temple Mount made the whole idea unlikely. Now, because of two significant events, it’s no so farfetched. The first was Pope Francis’ visit to the U.A.E.in 2019, the first papal visit to the Arabian Peninsula ever.

The Abrahamic Family House

The U.A.E. announced that to commemorate the Pope’s visit, they would be constructing the “Abrahamic Family House” in their small but wealthy nation. It would be a massive complex consisting of an Islamic Mosque (facing Mecca), a Jewish synagogue (facing Jerusalem), and a Christian church (with an altar facing east). All three structures will be equal in size and height. This in itself is significant since a mosque’s minaret had always been the tallest structure in the community to demonstrate Islam’s supposed dominance over the region. Also significant is the fact the church will be Catholic. Therefore, biblical Christianity will not be represented.

The Abraham Accord

The second and more recent event was the Abraham Accord in 2020. It shocked the world when Israel, the U.A.E. and Bahrain signed the peace agreement fully normalizing relations (bringing secular and religious tourism) between Israel and the two Arab states. The terms of the deal allow Muslims who come in peace to pray at the Al Aqsa Mosque, and Jerusalem’s other holy sites should remain open for peaceful worshippers of all faiths.

Muslim Opposition

Not all Muslims are on board with this, fearing that the language allows Jews to ascend the Temple Mount to worship and pray while restricting Muslims to the mosque. These Muslims want the entire Haran al Sharif (the noble sanctuary) to remain off limits to Jewish worshippers. These Muslims are well aware that Orthodox Jews are ready and eager to begin construction of the Third Temple in anticipation of the Jewish Messiah. The same skeptical Muslims believe the U.A.E. has sold out the interests of the Islamic world.

What is Israel’s Plan?

Meanwhile, Israel is becoming irritated at the way Jordan is running the Temple Mount and more concerned over the aggressive actions of Turkey in its attempt to gain control of all Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem. This has caused some to wonder if part of Israel’s plan was to use the Accord to fend off the advances of Turkey on the Temple Mount. If so, is there a plan to partition the Temple Mount into sections for Islam, Judaism and Christianity just as the U.A.E. is doing with the Abrahamic Family House? Will the efforts to promote interfaith reconciliation catch on to the degree that such a radical idea may actually become reality?

Many Unanswered Questions

If so, the Third Temple could actually be built, but where? Currently the Dome of the Rock stands on the site. Will the Jews accept any spot on the Temple Mount? Will something happen to the golden-domed shrine? Of course, everything will play out just as God has ordained, and He can’t take kindly to sharing the spotlight with anything Islamic or Catholic. We do know that the entire area will be decimated as Christ returns to claim what is His, to vanquish His enemies, and to construct the Fourth Temple where He will rule and reign during the Millennial Kingdom.

Pay Attention

All this is to say that we must watch the activity in Jerusalem and the entire Middle East very carefully. Prophecy is unfolding before our eyes. As the Third Temple becomes a possibility, the Rapture is not far away. What an exciting time to be alive!



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