This issue contains Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s response to American demands regarding “settlements,” some remarkable facts regarding the rise in Islam, and shows the proper way to write rules, slogans and mottoes.


Mike Evans reports
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has recently demanded a halt to an apartment project in East Jerusalem. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is adamantly opposed to halting construction and has resisted the demands from the Obama administration. Calling Israeli sovereignty over all of Jerusalem “indisputable,” he declared, “We cannot accept the fact that Jews wouldn’t be entitled to live and buy anywhere in Jerusalem.” The Prime Minister has told President Obama that he could not accept any limitations on Jewish sovereignty, and that Jerusalem is not a “settlement,” and, therefore, it cannot be included in any discussions regarding construction freezes. “After all,” he said, “Israeli Arabs are not forbidden from buying houses in West Jerusalem, and Jews must be granted the same right in the eastern part of the city.”

The international community considers Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem to be “settlements” and an obstacle to Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking. The presence of many key Christian and Muslim holy sites makes East Jerusalem a hotbed of contention. The Palestinians want the traditionally Arab sector of the city to be the capital of their future state.


If you think Islamic recruitment in American would have been more difficult after 9-11, think again. Since the infamous attacks, Americans have converted to Islam in record numbers. Instead of wanting to retaliate, Americans became interested in Islam as never before. Libraries ran out of books on Islam. The Koran moved to the top of “best seller” lists. Mosques suddenly became flooded with curious Americans. Four months after 9-11, The Times of London contained the following article:

“There is compelling evidence of a surge in conversions to Islam  since September 11, not just in Britain, but across Europe and America. One Dutch Islamic center claims a tenfold increase, while the New Muslims Project, based in Leicester [England], and run by a former Irish Roman Catholic housewife, reports a ‘steady stream’ of new converts.”

To make matters even more shocking, studies show that 80 percent of American converts were raised in a Christian church. This means that 60,000 Americans who were raised in a “Christian” home are converting to Islam every year. An even closer look reveals that roughly 85 percent of American converts to Islam are African Americans. By far the greatest grown is taking place in urban centers of America’s largest cities.
Fortunately, there is another side to this story. Throughout the globe, Muslims are converting to Christianity in record numbers.  A Muslim Sheikh reluctantly admitted that Africa has been seeing over 6 million conversions annually. That’s 16,000 conversions per day. Love is conquering hate, and grace is conquering legalism.

The bad news is that despite the “canceling out” effect of conversions, Islam is quickly gaining ground because of birthrates. American and European families average 2.2 children. For Muslims, the number is 8! Islam will quickly surpass Christianity as the world’s largest religion. We had better smell the coffee. It’s time to wake up.

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Writing Rules, Slogans, and Mottoes

The first word, and only the first, of rules, slogans, and mottoes should be capped.

Another rule is, Divide the volume in cubic inches by 2150.
All for one, one for all
Write up cases and incidents from your own experience that illustrate the truth of these sayings: Haste makes waste; A stitch in time saves nine; Better late than never.


A grenade thrown into a French cafe would result in Linoleum Blownapart.