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gas mask israel

Israel’s Coming Chemical Weapons Crisis 

Islamic Infiltration of the Christian Church (MUST READ)

The Obamas are Building a Wall!

Pew research finds: Congress looks a lot like it did in 1961-many Christians

Anti-trump Ballot Access Laws Coming to Blue States

Wikileaks: Arming ISIS made Hillary Clinton Even Richer

Department of Homeland Security Set to Take Over our…

NavyTrump Planning Biggest Naval Fleet Expansion Since Cold War

Bombshell New Study Suggests that Liberals are Far More Likely to Commit Crime than Conservatives

John kirby: “One president at a time” – No, we won’t support efforts to relocate israel’s embassy

Catherine Herridge: “absolutely no backup data for Russian hacking narrative

Airport Shooter Converted to Islam, Identified as Aashiq Hammad Years Before Joining Army

US Allows Russia to Send Iran Enough Uranium For 10 Nukes


Congress Announces ‘Unobstructed’ Criminal Probe Into Hillary Clinton

Will Ben Carson Bring Nation of Islam, Sharpton to HUD? Questions Nobody’s Asking @ Confirmation Hrg



The Safest Place We Can Ever Be

US Embassy Tel Aviv

US Embassy Tel Aviv

In the news this week, we have the State Department vowing not to cooperate with the Trump administration’s plans to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. We also have a government cover-up of the fact that the Ft. Lauderdale shooter was a Muslim convert, and the startling revelation that our government offered no objection to Russia’s massive uranium shipment to Iran.

Then there’s all the misinformation masquerading as actual news and threats of a massive disruption at the Trump inauguration. Yes, Hillary was defeated, but major efforts to undermine our nation’s security and the next administration are accelerating at an alarming rate.

What we’re seeing is just the latest installment of the lawlessness that has characterized our nation for the past eight years. Lawlessness, of course, is one of the signs that the last days are near. How near is impossible to say. What we can know for sure is that we must be alert to everything that is transpiring on the world stage. More and more people will be lulled to sleep, missing all the signs, and will buy into the lies that sound so good.

watchman of the wallThose of us who wear the banner of “Christian” are called to be as shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves. While we are to be watchmen, alerting those around us to the impending danger, we have also been called to be holy and blameless. We are to be light as God is light. To raise the bar even more, in Him there is no darkness at all.

We can spend so much time educating ourselves about the threats we face that we fail to remember that the battle belongs to the Lord. Our part is to represent Him nobly by being holy and blameless in everything. This is the primary way we can do our part to defeat our greatest enemy-by denying him access to our lives by removing every remnant of sin that we have allowed to weaken us.

As the world moves toward its inevitable end, we must be moving toward holiness, fighting the good fight by being blameless in everything we do, say and think. That will place us in the safest place we can ever be-in the center of God’s will.



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