In case you are still undecided regarding Tuesday’s election, here’s some food for thought.


China Promises Retaliation Over US Arms Sale

John Kerry Implicated In Hunter Biden Scandal

Biden Promises to Help Make Possibly 11 Million Illegal Immigrants Citizens

Twitter Locks Yet Another 2020 Trump Campaign Account

Israel Will Not Oppose Trump Administrations Arm Deal With UAE

Trump Admin. Threatens to DESTROY Iranian Missiles Sent to Socialist Venezuela

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Ocasio-Cortez Warns That She Might Not Be in the US House Anymore (MUST READ)

Ilhan Omar Warns Biden to “Act Accordingly” or Else… (MUST READ)

Fire Set at Boston Ballot Drop-Off 

Oregon Man Receives Dead Friend’s Ballot

Why I Am a One-Issue Voter

The Princess and The Prophet: The Secret History of Magic, Race, and Moorish Muslims in America

Never Forget the Time Joe Biden Said “Don’t Assume I’m Not Corrupt”  (MUST WATCH)

Hunter’s Ex-Business Partner Tony Bobulinski: ‘Joe Biden And The Biden Family Are Compromised’ (MUST READ)

What Happened to National Unity? (AN INFORMATIVE READ)

I highly recommend the documentary The Social Dilemma on Netflix. It exposes the gross hypocrisy of the tech giants as they claim that their censorship of conservatives is all about eliminating fake news. You will be enraged and frightened when you learn the degree to which you have already been manipulated and sold to the highest bidder.


Why to Vote for Trump

For this last pre-election post, I would like to list some of the reasons to vote for Donald Trump, regardless of what you may think of him. Winston Churchill was seen by many as an uncouth scoundrel, but history showed us that he was the right man at the right time. I think the comparison is legitimate. We must get beyond our President’s obvious flaws and focus on his policies, his whole administration, and how God has used him over the past four years. If you think Joe Biden is more presidential, do you really think he could have done a better job than Donald Trump in the face of so much incessant opposition? If you think Joe Biden is a man of character, strong evidence to the contrary is coming to light, but if you’re not getting your news from a reliable source, you’ll never learn of it. So, here are my reasons:
  • Evangelical Christians have never had such a friend in the White House. He has consistently fought to protect the rights of Christians, churches, and most important, the rights of the unborn. His judicial appointments confirm this. A vote for Joe Biden will be a vote for abortion on demand. Those who get the abortion issue wrong usually get every other issue wrong too. Joe’s judicial and Cabinet appointments will be hand-picked by the far left of the Democratic party to support their party’s blatantly godless agenda.
  • Donald Trump has been the most pro-Israel president we have even had. A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for a return to the Obama era of supporting the Palestinians at the expense of Israel and a likely end to the list of Arab nations willing to align with Israel. They know Donald Trump is the only world leader willing to stand up to Iran. If he loses on Tuesday, the entire Middle-East will be thrown into chaos, and Israel will know they are on their own. Genesis 12:3 should be kept in mind.
  • Donald Trump is the only one standing in the way of the globalists who are poised to begin the establishment of a one-world government, to empower the challenge U.S. sovereignty, and to impose crippling sanctions or global taxes on us for our failure comply with the globalists’ climate agenda.
  • If Donald Trump is not re-elected, our standing in the world will plummet as the Left takes over. I see an impending economic collapse as failed tax and spend policies will be reenacted. Joe Biden will reverse everything Trump has done, re-imposing Obama’s crippling regulations. Our energy independence will become a thing of the past as fracking and fossil fuels are phased out.
  • If Joe Biden wins, Iran and China will also win. Iran will know they can get away with anything and China will continue to capitalize on the sleezy Biden-China connections that are coming to light as more of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop are revealed. The influence peddling and “pay to play” deals so typical of “the swamp” will continue unchecked.
  • If Joe Biden wins, Islamists will be welcomed into the government and given the power to influence policy. Worldwide, with their greatest obstacle gone, they will sense blood in the water and crank up the aggression.
  • If the Democrats gain power, Joe Biden will give in to the demands of the far left, taking the country toward Socialism, Marxism and every other ism that is opposed to Capitalism, Christians, and Conservatives. Take a moment and imagine Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and “the squad” in control of our economy, healthcare, education and defense.
  • If Joe Biden wins, Antifa and all the other anarchists will be emboldened to continue destroying our cities. Law enforcement, having been “re-imagined,” will be marginalized as more police budgets will be drastically reduced. At the same time money will flow into the hands of the anarchists so they can continue to advance their anti-American agenda.
However, should God in His sovereignty place Joe Biden in the White House, it may well be that the time has come for the Church to be purged through persecution, for with the Dems in power, it will certainly come. Many of us felt certain that such a day was coming, but few expected it so soon. Well, if 2020 has taught us anything, it should be that most of the rules that governed our lives have changed. Throughout biblical history, times such as these were referred to as “The Day of the Lord,” a time when God intervenes in human history in a profound way, bringing either wrath and judgment or restoration and blessing.

If Donald Trump wins, it doesn’t mean we can breathe a sigh of relief and relax. God may have given us four more years to repent and change our ways. What will we do with these four years?



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