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The Future of America’s Churches

Some will Prepare

In the coming days, America’s churches will be tested. Some have already fallen thanks to the China Virus. Many will allow social distance and mask mandates to keep them in virtual mode much longer than necessary. Some will resume in-person worship and will be delighted to get “back to normal.” A precious few will realize that America will never get back to normal and will start preparing for what is sure to come.

Behind Bars

I am convinced that in the near future, pastors who refuse to compromise and continue to call sin “sin” will be spending time behind bars for their hate speech. The Bible will be banned, guns will be confiscated, churches will be shut down and Christians, especially those writing and speaking the truth boldly will be closely monitored. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when?” Those currently in power are determined to eliminate all resistance by any means necessary. The Constitution and the First Amendment are already fatal casualties of war.

Time to Prepare

My purpose in this post is to stress the need to prepare. The American Church is about to experience what our brothers and sisters around the world have been enduring for years—persecution. The days of meeting in our comfortable churches are about to end, probably not immediately, but sometime in the coming days. The Church will be forced to go underground, in some cases, literally. Out of necessity, we will find our gatherings resembling those of the Early Church. House churches will become the only (and the best) option. Groups of like-minded believers will be formed in un-forced and natural ways. Driven by need instead of the culture, the Church will experience what real biblical fellowship looks like.

Gifts Will Become Known

Within each group, leaders will emerge as spiritual gifts become evident. As members minister to the very real needs of each other, no spiritual gift test will be needed. Finally, the Church will begin to operate as Christ intended. With all the trappings of comfortable Christianity ripped away, we will finally learn what fervent love for the brethren is all about. People will finally have to get real. Pretense will be immediately recognized. With all the things we depended on stripped away, we will finally come to know what it is to depend on God for everything.

Go Along to Get Along

While this is happening, most mainline denominations (that weren’t preaching the gospel anyway) will have nothing to compromise and will comply with the new government mandates. They will go along to get along. Those churches that preached a watered-down gospel, those focusing on the numbers, will, I believe, accept some form of compromise to keep the doors open. Those that unashamedly preach the gospel will face their most difficult decision. If they aren’t prepared, chaos will ensue. Why not prepare now? Have a plan in place. This is indeed an exciting time to be alive.



NYC just defunded the very people who ran into the burning Towers on 9/11. Let that sink in.

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