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I wrote this article as a sober warning that a serious storm is on the way. It’s a unique kind of storm in which the technology we have become so dependent upon will be used against us. We will know the storm is at our doorstep when the Vaccine Passport goes into effect. The goal of the conglomeration of the Far Left, Big Tech, and the globalists with most of the money and power have capitalized on the events of the past two years to make us susceptible to a degree of control that seems unimaginable to most Americans.

The Vaccine Passport will be touted as a necessary step for the public safety. Those who provide proof that they have been “fully” vaccinated will be issued a digital passport. All those who have not been “fully” vaccinated will be considered a “health risk” on the order of a domestic terrorist. Despite all the studies showing that natural immunity from antibodies is far more effective and lasts much longer than the vaccines, the push to get everyone vaccinated continues. Clearly, it’s not for medical reasons. It’s all about control to give power to the elite who are set on bringing about the great economic reset that will pave the way for the one world religion and the one world government described Revelation. Like it or net, this is where we are. Biblical prophecy regarding the Last Days is unfolding before our eyes.

Those with Passports

Since the passport is digital, those who want the passport must have a smart phone. Those who have been fully vaccinated but don’t have a smartphone, will be out of luck. Those who do will likely see the passport as yet another technological convenience worth embracing, especially when they learn that you can’t travel without it. They will soon discover that they can’t shop or attend public gathering without it (for safety reasons, of course). They will embrace every restriction since they are so used to using their phone for nearly everything already.

What they don’t realize is that the QR Code in the Passport gives Big Brother access to all the data stored or accessible through their phone, including personal, financial, and medical data. They also don’t realize that all the other “conveniences” like Alexa and the “Ring” doorbell have been allowing Big Brother to keep track of everything that goes on in their home. Google, Amazon and Facebook already know have a frightening amount of data on us, but the Passport will provide even more. The super-surveillance techniques developed in China are here, and in the very near future, those who have embraced every new technological convenience will regret the day they bought their first smartphone.

Those without Passports

 Those without smartphones and those who, for whatever reasons, chose not to be “fully” vaccinated, will find life much more difficult. Those with smartphones will be closely monitored through their devices unless they forsake their digital conveniences. Otherwise, they will be tracked down and arrested for public endangerment. The safest thing will be to disconnect from everything over which you don’t have sole control. This will require some drastic lifestyle changes.

The Solution

 The only way to survive and even thrive will be by gathering together in community the same way the Early Church did. Christians in other parts of the world have been living this way for years, and when the persecution grows, so do these “underground” churches.

In face the Church was made for this. It only functions when the members need, love, and care for one another. The spiritual gifts God gave to the believers will become evident as each person comes out of his or her bubble to become part of something far greater and more powerful that any one solitary life.

This is when the power of the Holy Spirit will be unleashed, and God will be free to do the great and mighty things He promised. Jesus Christ, living His life through each believer will draw those outside the group who are hurting and suffering to a place of safety, acceptance, and healing. As the group grows in numbers and in the Lord, the peace that passes all understanding will be so evident that more and more people will be welcomed in, creating an army of believers empowered of the power of Christ. Finally, the Church will be fulfilling its calling and more and more people will find what has been missing in their lives.

I hope this article has awakened something in you. For more on the Vaccine Passport click here

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