This issue looks at the strength of Israel, DHS covering for terrorists, serious trouble for Hillary, and more.


IAF takes possession of David’s Sling air defense system

photo credit Defense Ministry

photo credit Defense Ministry reports: Last week, an Israeli security source said David’s Sling “will become operational this year,” and is “an inseparable part” of Israeli air defenses. On December 21, the Defense Ministry and the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency completed the last phase of trials. The trials took place in southern Israel and were led by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, which is developing David’s Sling, together with the US defense company Raytheon. David’s Sling can intercept short-range to medium-range rockets and ballistic missiles, including guided projectiles, cruise missiles, aircraft, and drones. Its range of coverage means it can destroy incoming threats over enemy territory, away from Israeli skies. Read more.

Prospect of Trump nomination poses dilemma for Jewish Republicans reports: Donald Trump’s surging candidacy has sent shivers through the ranks of the Republican elite and created deep anxiety among Jewish Republicans, some of whom are so unnerved they are prepared to vote for Hillary Clinton if Trump wins the nomination. Yet others say that despite Trump’s promise to be “neutral” on Israel and his support from white supremacists, conservative principles demand deference to the eventual nominee. Read more.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan greets religious leaders at the Presidential Palace in Ankara, November 26. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan greets religious leaders at the Presidential Palace in Ankara, November 26. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Analysis: A weakened Turkey seeks Israel’s help to break growing isolation reports: Turkey finds itself in conflict with Russia and Iran, at odds with Egypt’s Sisi and has lost its standing with NATO and the US. Even if Israel and Turkey soon announce an end to their diplomatic crisis, which began almost six years ago as a result of the Mavi Marmara flotilla ship incident, relations between the two countries will not go back to how they once were. The golden era of cooperation in the security and intelligence fields between the two countries up until a decade ago will certainly not come back. Read more.

THE ISRAELI MOTHER RISKING ALL TO SAVE SYRIAN LIVES reports: Several times a year, often more, Doreen Gold, an Israeli Jew, goes undercover to organize a mission of humanitarian aid for Syrian NGOs. From there the aid is delivered to the increasingly desperate and starving people of Syria, an enemy nation still reeling from a brutal and deadly civil war that may, or may not, be nearly over. Read more.

5 Reasons Why ISIS is Scared of Israel-Training


The United Nations, Immigration and Gun ControlGun Ban reports: What we have witnessed is a gradual conditioning process where lawmakers are incrementally implementing an international agenda in order to surrender U.S. sovereignty to the United Nations and the next item on the chopping block is your right to keep and bear arms, in case you haven’t noticed. Read more.

Homeland Security Records Reveal Officials Ordered Terrorist Watch List Scrubbed reports: Judicial Watch announced today that it obtained 183 pages of documents from the Department of Homeland Security revealing that the Obama administration scrubbed the law enforcement agency’s “Terrorist Screening Database” in order to protect what it considered the civil rights of suspected Islamic terrorist groups. Read more.

Hillary behind barsAre GOP RINOs Protecting Clinton? 
Daily Sanity reports: The State Department has officially turned over all of the 30,000 “work-related” emails from Hillary’s email server. In total, at least 2,079 have been found to contain classified material. She had emails discussing the security and budgeting of our nuclear weapon storage facilities. Emails including classified details of her daily schedule (which is what brought down Petraeus). She had classified emails detailing drone strikes, the negotiations to get the traitor Bergdahl back, etc. We’ve just gotten word from Capitol Hill that the final release of these emails is one of the last roadblocks stopping the appointment of a Special Prosecutor to go after Hillary! Read more.

BREAKING: 1 Hillary Email SHOWED Terrorists How to Kill Amb. Chris Stevens reports: An email released Monday pertaining to the Benghazi investigation from Hillary Clinton’s private email server revealed that a message detailing the location of murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens passed through the unsecured server, raising the possibility that terrorists could have intercepted the message. Read more. 

Oklahoma Democrats want Christian Business Owners to Wear a Scarlet LetterFIRST AMENDMENT reports: Democrats legislators in Oklahoma are tired of all this religious liberty talk, and they’re ready to fight against the 1st Amendment. Democrat state Rep. Emily Virgin believes that Christian businesses should be forced to post a public notice that they will be discriminating against homosexuals, if those businesses are to be allowed to claim the right to refuse service based on religious beliefs. That’s right, if you’re a Christian businessman in Oklahoma and you don’t believe that you should be forced to participate in a gay wedding, Democrats want to force your business to post a public scarlet letter detailing your “bigoted” beliefs! Read more.

New FBI Counter Extremism Site Fails to Mention Islamism

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Congress Considers Bill that would Label the Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization!

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