Here’s what else happened while Hurricane Matthew was pounding the east coast.


Hurricane Matthew prevented me from posting my usual Saturday news last week. While I am posting the past two weeks’ news in this post, things are far from normal here since we incurred a direct hit. If you have ever considered sending a donation, now would be a good time.

BREAKING: Tens of thousands of fraudulent Clinton votes found in Ohio warehouseclinton-votes-found

Mall Shooter Avoided Background Check by Stealing Gun

FBI Director James Comey took MILLIONS from a Clinton Foundation Defense Contractor!

Democrats’ Most Wanted Voters: Convicted Criminals

Asia Bibi to Face Final Judgment in Pakistan (Must Read)
Is America Losing Its Sovereignty?

Muslim Immigrant in Ohio Murders Daughter in Likely Honor Killing!

Obama to Bypass Congress to Pay Obamacare Debt

Comey Requests Immunity (Must Read)

The Clintons Caused the 2008 Collapse


BREAKING: Catherine Herridge – FBI made side deals to DESTROY Clinton Top Aides Laptops

Antonio Guterres will take the helm as United Nation Secretary-General in January 2017, an appointment welcomed by the pro-Israel community.

Wal-Mart Pulls Back From Supercenters, Focusing on Internet

New Emails Prove that Obama Administration was Handling the Clinton Email Scandal from the Beginning!

President Obama Blames Climate Change (not Hillary) for War in Syria!
UK freezes $30m in Palestinian aid over salaries for terrorists

Obama Department of Injustice Drops Case Against Arms Dealer to Protect Hillary Clinton!  (MUST READ)


October Surprise: Clinton Foundation Hack Exposes Huge Pay to Play Scheme

Wikileaks Cancels Document Dump, Accuses Clinton Of Murder Plot

Massive Voter Fraud Proven in Virginia, Mainstream Media Ignores

voter fraud ostrichWikiLeaks Releases Over 2,000 Clinton Campaign Emails…This is What They Reveal (MUST READ)

Obama Invited Global Bureaucrats to Inspect US Elections

Iowa Gov: There Are Major Islamic Terrorists In Iowa – They Are Living In Every State… Can Strike Any Day

Hillary Clinton Admits In Wikileaks Email Dump- Saudi Arabia And Qatar Are Funding ISIS

Obama Administration Rushing Muslim Immigrants into the USA, Estimates 185,000 in 2017!

BUSTED: Leaked Emails Reveal Obama at Root of Voter Fraud



A neighbor’s home

Having endured Hurricane Matthew (and the second presidential debate), I find myself mentally and emotionally exhausted and in need of some refreshment from the Lord. On the positive side, although we have several large trees down or leaning and debris all over our roof and yard, our home has been spared. Many others, including many of our neighbors, weren’t so fortunate. I have friends with trees on or in their homes. One neighbor had a foot of water in his home in addition to a large tree. Others have property and business that will take a long time to get back to normal.

Hurricane Matthew reminded me how few things there are over which I have any control. It has also reminded me just how dependent I am on other people, especially those who are working tirelessly to restore water and power, remove trees, deal with public health hazards, restock supermarket shelves, provide gasoline, etc.

All this has awakened me to the need to show my appreciation to those who are making my life better. It has also prompted me to look for ways I can help others who are in greater need than I am.

What a lesson! Isn’t this the attitude all followers of Christ are supposed to have every day of our lives? Isn’t this supposed to be the norm? Aren’t we always to be tuned in to the needs of others? Why does it take a hurricane to wake us up to our privileged status as servants for the benefit of others? God causes all things to work together for good for those who truly love God. Therefore, if we really love God, we can expect many good things if we are willing to love others the way we claim to love God.


At my driveway

God is in the rebuilding business, but His focus is on people, not property. Will we join him by looking for opportunities to help others who are hurting? Will we make a habit of doing so? If a hurricane doesn’t make a lasting difference in our lives, may God have mercy on us.

Reminder: If you have ever considered donating to my website, now would be a great time. The cost of removing the fallen and leaning trees will be significant and I want to be able to help my neighbors as much as possible.

My post next Tuesday will be entitled “The Gospel According to Hurricane Matthew.” I will tell the story of how I was blessed beyond measure in the aftermath of the storm.


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