1275. When God Speaks

When God speaks, we better be listening and ready to respond immediately. Continue reading

1206. Weekly News + Hearing God’s Voice

Weekly News + How do I know if the thoughts in my mind are from God? Continue reading

1152. The Authority of Revelation

Knowing how you determine what is true is the first step in winning an argument.


It’s a sad fact that critical thinking has become scarce in today’s culture. People tout their opinion or belief as though it’s true just because they believe it. This is especially true when discussing God. Mention God’s judgment and they will say something like, “God isn’t like that. He’s a loving God and wouldn’t punish Continue reading

1084. Obedience brings Discernment

Stuck in a spiritual rut? The problem could be disobedience.  Continue reading

1046. Is it God?

Was this thought from God, from Satan, or from Me? Continue reading

967. Yes, No, or Not Now?

Our understand of how God answers our prayers reveals how well we know Him Continue reading

940. Weekly News + “How do I know it’s from God?”

This week’s news plus some help in determining if the voice you’re hearing in a noisy and violent world is from you or from God  Continue reading

881. What is God’s Message?

What is God saying to America as He selects our President? Continue reading