What is God saying to America as He selects our President?


It’s finally here—the day we thought would never come. No more prognosticating, analyzing, campaigning, advice-giving, etc. Before going further, I hope you read my post from last Saturday. Thevoter fraud final section represents the evolution of my thoughts regarding how I will respond (long-term) if Hillary or Trump wins. How the country reacts will be interesting to say the least.

We can expect some exciting days ahead, based on recent events. The FBI has been digging while the Justice Department has been stonewalling. The Trump camp has been capitalizing on the WikiLeaks revelations while the Clinton camp has been focused on damage control. New revelations raise new possibilities. Indictment or another free pass? It’s like watching a three-ring circus.


cloud of gloryI’m trying to picture God calmly looking down in amusement as He takes it all in. I can’t help but wonder what He is thinking as both sides freak out at the thought of losing. Globalists are in panic mode as their victory isn’t as certain as it once was. Patriotic Americans are afraid that their freedoms could soon become a thing of the past.

God, of course, is unfazed by any of this. It’s all part of His plan. How He meshes His sovereignty with the freewill of man is a mystery, but He does it. Do you suppose He is watching His children to see how they react? Do you think He cares as much about the future of America as we do? Do you think He cares about the election as much as we do?

The bottom line is that He knows who is going to win and how He will use him or her to further His eternal plans. In light of this, I think we should take some time after the results are final to praysee through God's eyes about what God is saying to us and the world by placing this person in such a high position (from the world’s point of view). This is crucial if we are to respond in a way that pleases God. Has God reached His limit with us? Has judgment begun? Has He given us one last chance? Is He paving the way for a revival?

Considering where we are in God’s timeline, we must learn to see through His eyes. We desperately need wisdom and understanding with discernment. No more status quo. We must rely on the mind of Christ. God wants His children to know what He is doing so we can join Him. He uses people to accomplish His purposes, so we must be tuned in to His frequency as we listen and watch for instructions.

 So when the results are in, perhaps the first thing we should do is to seek to understand the message God is sending and respond accordingly.



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