This issue examines the Fort Hood shooting, America’s participation in Israel’s demise, Hizbullah’s illegal arms buildup, Human Rights Watch’s Nazi ties, and offers help in correctly writing fractions.


One Jerusalem reports
This week Obama’s Mid East policy has begun to publicly unravel. Yesterday, Palestinian President Abbas threatened that he would not run for re-election. This surprise declaration came after Secretary of State Clinton publicly praised Israel’s flexibility on the settlement issue and then retracted her praise when the Arab world protested. And on the day of Abbas’ threat the UN – the Obama international organization of choice – voted to adopt the anti-Israel Goldstone Report.

In all this tumult, President Obama once again reaffirmed that he sees Jerusalem as a divided city. Haaretz reports: “President Barack Obama has promised the Palestinian leadership that there will be no change to U.S. policy on the issue of Jerusalem, and that East Jerusalem [Temple Mount location] does not constitute part of the State of Israel.”

Salam Fayyad continues his dogged campaign to build a Palestinian State, based on the 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as its capital. His plan is unique because it is based on declaring the state in two years whether Israel agrees to it or not. One Jerusalem has learned that Fayyad is a favorite of the Obama White House and The European Parliament.

David Zauber reports
More evidence has been uncovered of severe anti-Israel bias within the upper ranks of Human Rights Watch, considered by some the most important international human rights organization, as one of the group’s key compilers of harsh reports happens to have an obsession for collecting Nazi memorabilia.

A Hizbullah arms cache blew up in southern Lebanon [last month], the second such explosion this year and further proof that Hizbullah has been violating UN Security Council Resolution 1701, according to the IDF.


Just when America had all but forgotten about the killing of a soldier at a recruiting office in Arkansas, a soldier opened fire on his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood killing thirteen. In case you forgot, the killer in Arkansas was a new convert to Islam. The press and the Obama administration ignored the story.

When I first heard of the Fort Hood incident, I was shocked along with the rest of America. I wondered why they were not releasing the name of the shooter. When they finally did, it made more sense. Nadal Hasan, a Muslim, had simply carried our a premeditated massacre of his fellow soldiers who, according to his religion, represented the enemy.  Am I jumping to conclusions? Consider the facts. He shouted, “Allah akbar” [Allah is the greatest] as he began shooting. Just before the shooting, he had distributed copies of the Qur’an to friends and neighbors as he gave away his furniture. Reports are now coming out as to numerous other warning signs he had displayed.

As shocking as the incident is the overall response. Government officials, psychologists, and the media, in general, are going out of their way to avoid the obvious, claiming nothing more that excessive emotional stress as the motivation. President Obama’s Cairo speech set the tone for America’s new approach to the Muslim world. We are their friends. No matter what they do to us, we will not criticize or accuse them. We have already abandoned Israel and are assisting in her demise. Now we are assuring America’s as well.

How can God continue to bless us as a nation if we do not quickly change course?


Writing Fractions
Do not use th or ths after fractions.
3/100, not 3/100ths
1/25, not 1/25th

A fraction expressed in figures should not be followed by of a, of an.

3/8 inch, not 3/8 of an inch


One out of four people in this country is mentally unbalanced. Think of your three closest friends. If they seem okay, then you’re the one.