ISIS has pushed many Muslims toward Jesus, but Jesus always makes the first move.

Praise God that ISIS is finally being defeated and has lost most of the territory it gained in Iraq and Syria over the past three years. This isn’t the only good news to come from these war-torn nations. We are learning that while ISIS was advancing, it was pushing many Muslims toward Christ. Muslims who had been born into their religion were suddenly forced to take a closer look. Was their god actually commanding them to kill one another? Was he responsible for the atrocities regularly committed by his followers?

Most of these truth-seeking Muslims had blindly followed their leaders, accepting everything they had been told about Christians and Jews and about the Bible. Therefore, when they started questioning their own faith, most walked away from religion altogether. Since they had no desire to see for themselves what the Bible had to say, Jesus used another method to introduce Himself to them—dreams and visions. When He appeared to them in an unmistakable way, it leaves a lasting impression. A pastor in northern Iraq estimates that around 80% of the Christian converts he has met came to Christ after Jesus appeared to them in a dream.

One convert told the story of a man who was stranded in a river with no one to help. As he cried out, a face full of light approached him. He reached out his hand and the man pulled him out of the river. He said he knew the man in the light had to be Jesus. Another convert told of a dream in which all the prophets came to him, one by one, starting with Moses. After Jesus came, he waited for the last prophet, Mohammed, but no one came. When he asked, “Where is the last one?” they all replied, “Jesus is the last one.” This man is now a pastor.


These stories should remind us that Jesus will do whatever it takes to save one sinner, regardless of what he has done. His mission was and still is to redeem mankind, one soul at a time. Imagine

Cup of Redemption

the freedom an ex-Muslim must experience when he learns that his salvation has already been purchased for him by Jesus Christ on the cross. Imagine learning that the God you chose actually chose you and that He loves you. No more striving and ritualistic observances to be accepted. Death gives way to life, and hatred to love. No more jihad. Do more intimidation.

I write a lot about the dangers of Islam. It poses a serious threat to our nation. We must be vigilant and resist its lies and propaganda. At the same time, we must be careful to separate the Muslim people from the religion that has kept them in bondage. Jesus died for these people and we should seize every opportunity to introduce them to the real Jesus.

At the very least, we should be praying for them to be freed from their cultural, ideological, and religious prison and to be ushered into the glorious presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for their hearts to be changed. Pray that Jesus would introduce Himself to thousands of Muslims through dreams and visions, through satellite TV ministries like SAT-7, through radio broadcasts, or through the testimonies of ex-Muslims. Pray that Bibles would “find their way” into the hands of those in whose hearts God has already begun to work. Pray that the veil that keeps them from understanding the truth would be lifted. Finally, pray that the Father would send out laborers in to fields that are ripe for harvest (Jn. 4:35), especially in the Middle East.





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