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How would Israel-US relations change under President Bernie Sanders?

Disgusting: 220 Democrats Just Voted to Allow Post-Birth Abortions

Trump Closes Bridge After Illegal Aliens Storm Border Checkpoint! 

Bloomberg said he was never prouder than when he argued Muslims have every right to build a mosque near the World Trade Center

On Election Day: IDF thwarts a sniper attack near the Syrian border

Up to 100,000 Israelis in isolation as Israel expands traveler quarantine

Two Syrian war planes downed as Turkey begins operation against Assad

Syrian President Bashar al Assad visits Syrian army troops in war-torn northwestern Idlib province, Syria, October 22, 2019 (photo credit: SANA, HANDOUT VIA REUTERS)

Rivlin, Netanyahu set to clash over mandate to form government

Obama Administration’s UN Team Sought to Overturn Designation of Bin Laden Charity

Jewish man attacked in São Paulo once attackers saw his kippah

A man wears a black kippah. (photo credit:
Wikimedia Commons)

Joe Biden Says He’d Appoint First Black Woman to Senate… One BIG Problem

Will Coronavirus bring Netanyahu and Gantz together?

How the Iranian Regime’s Allies Are Calling the Shots in Washington

Iranian Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi once boasted about an unnamed lobby group operating in Washington D.C. that is devoted to the Islamic revolution and the supreme leader according to the Washington Free Beacon. This organization, widely believed to be the National Iranian American Council, just carried out an unprecedented lobbying blitz targeting U.S. lawmakers.

 Facebook Is Censoring Us To Protect Joe Biden


Can a Devout Muslim be a Good American?

Considering Michael Bloomberg’s comment regarding a 9/11 mosque, the reality of covert Iranian lobbyists, Barack Obama’s numerous efforts while in office to protect Islamic front organizations, and American gullibility regarding the intentions of our nation’s Muslim leaders, it’s time to take another look at American Muslims who are supposed to represent the moderating force against their radical leaders.

Americans are being taught in schools and in the political and social arenas that Muslims and Americans desire the same things and should work together to further our joint interests. Therefore, we are to welcome Muslims into every aspect of our lives, including government at all levels.

Muslim leaders who are “working the plan” are using deception at every turn to blind us to the truth, because if we understood what was really going on, we would have none of what they are peddling. Today I would like to address the question of whether a devout Muslim can be a good American. Recently I met a Muslim mom and her young children at a local park. We had a nice conversation which eventually led to our beliefs. Had I not understood what Islam really teaches, I would have assumed that she and her husband love America and have much in common with Christians like me. The following facts about Islam reveal why I couldn’t believe her and why a devout Muslim cannot be a good American:

1. Theologically, a Muslim’s allegiance is only to Allah.
2. Religiously, Islam is the only religion accepted by Allah (Qur’an 2:256).
3. Scripturally, a Muslim’s allegiance is to the five pillars of Islam and the Qur’an.
4. Geographically, a Muslim’s allegiance is to Mecca, to which he turns five times a day in prayer.
5. Socially, a Muslim’s allegiance to Islam forbids him or her from making friends with Christians or Jews.
6. Politically, a Muslim must submit to the mullah (spiritual leaders), who teach annihilation of Israel and the destruction of the Great Satan, America.
7. Domestically, Muslim men are instructed to marry four women and to beat and scourge the wife when she disobeys him (Qur’an 4:34).
8. Intellectually, a Muslim cannot accept the American Constitution since it is based on biblical principles. He has been taught that the Bible is corrupt.
9. Philosophically, Islam, Muhammed and the Qur’an do not allow freedom of religion or expression. Democracy and Islam cannot co-exist. Every Muslim government is either dictatorial or autocratic. Man-made laws like those in America are unthinkable to the Muslim. Only Allah makes laws.
10.Spiritually, when we declare “one nation under God,” we are referring to a heavenly Father who is loving and kind. Allah is never referred to as a heavenly father, nor is “Love” one of the Qur’an’s 99 most excellent names for him.

The list could go on, but the point should be clear. Muslims are not permitted to be good Americans by their religion. The propaganda we are being fed is simply a mirage. You may object to my generalizing as lumping all Muslims together as a homogeneous group of fanatics set on destroying us. While it’s true that I cannot know the true beliefs and motivations of all people calling themselves Muslims, I can know what their religion teaches, and it is clearly not good for America.

While the concept of Islamophobia was an invention of the Muslim Brotherhood for the purpose of shaming Americans, we have every right to be fearful of Islam. Considering the lunacy we have witnessed in the recent presidential debates, it’s easy to see why Islamic deception has so easily taken a foothold within the Democratic party. The war is on. Stay vigilant.


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