This issue looks at the issue of giving aid to Muslim countries.


Last week I wrote of a secret pact between Iran and Turkey, a pact that threatens the stability of the entire world. It laid out a strategy for domination in the region and the destruction of Israel. We saw the first installment of their strategy in the Gaza flotilla episode earlier this year. Far from being an isolated spontaneous incident, it was carefully planned as part of an overall package. These two nations are emerging as the most powerful in the Middle East as well as the most anti-Israel and anti-American. Any student of history knows that it hasn’t always been this way. Until as little as three years ago, Turkey was seen as the most moderating force in the region, having friendly relations with Israel, America, and the Muslim world. That all changed in 2007, when the AKP Islamist Party of Turkey won control of the entire Turkish government. This becomes even more troubling since Turkey now has one of the largest and most powerful militaries in the world. Among the 26 NATO member nations, Turkey’s army is second only in size to the United States. Turkey’s army far supersedes the militaries of Germany, Spain, Italy, and England combined.

Similarly, Iran used to enjoy friendly relations with both the United States and Israel. The close ties between the Shah and Washington are well known, but few realize that the Shah’s ties to Israel were nearly as strong. For example, during the Yom Kippur War in 1973, the Shah supplied Israel with oil every week. How things have changed. With the Iranian Revolution in 1979 came the ideology and strategy of the Ayatollah Khomeini which remains today. The primary elements are

1.      Annihilate the Little Satan (Israel)
2.      Then annihilate the Great Satan (America)

Despite President Obama’s promise to the Muslim world that America is not at war with them, they are at war with us, and they have boldly said so.


America’s “leaders” have often been guilty of failing to understand what’s really going on in other nations. The Iranian Revolution caught us completely off guard. The recent political shift in Turkey hardly made news in the States. We thought Iran and Turkey would always be our allies. Now, we could soon be fighting forces armed with our own weapons. The Taliban is another case in point. We were happy to help them resist the Soviets, only to find them shifting their wrath to us.

In my book, Islam and the Last Days, I list 10 steps America should take to improve our national security. At the top of the list is cut off aid to every Muslim country. In light of the Iran-Turkey pact, it makes even more sense. Why are we supporting those who, under the right circumstances, will turn on us in a heartbeat? As I have stated previously, should the Caliphate be restored, moderate Muslims would cease to exist. The “stealth jihad” of the Muslim Brotherhood would escalate into full-blown war. Then again, the stealth jihad is being accommodated so well by the politically correct in power, they may stick with it. At least we can stop sending money overseas only to see it end up in the hands of those intent on destroying us from the inside out.


The economy is so bad that African television stations are now showing “Sponsor an American child” commercials.