This issue looks at Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to the General Assembly of Jewish Federations of North America, reexamines the Fort Hood shooting, uncovers Obama’s admission of his Muslim faith and his plans to undermine America’s sovereignty, and offers a writing tip to avoid sending the wrong message.


One Jerusalem reports
This week, Prime Minister Netanyahu journeyed to the United States to speak to the General Assembly of Jewish Federations of North America and to meet with President Obama. By throwing down the gauntlet on the “Jewish state issue,” Netanyahu goes to the heart of the divide between Israel, Obama, the EU and the PA as it interjects an uncomfortable fact: Abbas wants a Palestinian State but he does not want a Jewish State. Palestinians continue to claim that ancient Israel did not exist on this land and that Solomon’s Temple never existed.

Last week, Israeli riot police confronted militant Arabs holed up in the Mosque on top of the Temple Mount. The Muslims claim they have taken to the streets and are committing violence because there is a rumor that Jews are going to come to the Temple Mount to pray.


WorldNetDaily reports
 Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the alleged shooter in the Fort Hood massacre, played a homeland security advisory role in President Barack Obama’s transition into the White House according to a key George Washington University policy institute document. Daniel Kaniewski, deputy director of the Homeland Security Policy Institute at George Washington University, affirmed to WND in a telephone interview that the Nidal Hasan listed as attending the meetings of the HSPI Presidential Transition Task Force was the same person as the alleged shooter in the Fort Hood massacre.

GrassTopsUSA reports
Does the traditional South Asian garb worn in surveillance video by Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan provide a clue into his Islamic ideology, perhaps tying him to support for al-Qaida? Hasan was videoed at a local 7-Eleven convenience store just seven hours before the attack in which he shot dead 13 and wounded dozens of others. He was seen wearing what has been broadly identified by much of the mainstream media as traditional Muslim garb.

Muslims should stand up and fight the aggressor,” Hasan said about America before he and As always, players should gamble responsibly and not be impaired in any way while playing roulette . possibly other Muslim soldiers at Fort Hood shot 43 fellow soldiers, killing 13. “He said Muslims had a right to attack the U.S.”, said Col. Terry Lee, who worked with Hasan at the Texas post, where the devout Sunni Muslim refused deployment. “He said Muslims shouldn’t be fighting Muslims,” he added. “He was very clear on that.”

The Obama Connection

I recently watched a video compilation of excerpts from over a dozen of President Obama’s speeches to the UN or Muslim nations or organizations. In these messages he made it clear that America shouldn’t be fighting Muslims either. He extolled the Islamic contributions to the world and its key role in the founding of America. [I don’t know what textbooks he’s been studying.] He quoted the Qur’an from memory often and spoke fluent Arabic. To one Muslim audience, he ended with a reassuring comment in Arabic. Its translation: “I am one of you.” In an interview with an American reporter, he clearly and unapologetically referred to his Muslim faith.

There is no longer any doubt that America has elected a Muslim as president. This explains why he has recently appointed two devout Muslims, Arif Alikhan and Kareem Shora, to homeland security posts. He has already appointed Dalia Mogahed to his Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Mogahed is associated with a group that advocates engaging the radical Muslim Brotherhood.

Copenhagen Climate Treaty

If this isn’t frightening enough, Obama is prepared to give away America’s sovereignty  at the Copenhagen Climate Treaty Conference next month. (In front of one million adoring Germans, he recently announced that he indeed prioritized globalism over patriotism.)

The Copenhagen Treaty has two stated goals:
(1) Transfer wealth from Industrial Nations (The United States) to  Developing Countries. (2) Dictate energy use and consumption to Industrial Nations (The United States). Goal Number One is Global Socialism. Goal Number Two is a Global Dictatorship. This will represent the first official step toward a one-world government.


Be careful how you put words together
“Greg Luganis explains how he contracted aids in an interview with Barbara Walters.”


Some people are like Slinkies. They’re really good for nothing, but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.