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BrexitThe big news of the week was the British exit from the EU after forty years. The ripple effect has been causing many analysts to shake their heads in dismay. Some can’t understand why the markets have reacted the way they did. Now that a little time has passed, there are predictions as to the effect Brexit will have on U.S. markets and politics.

The losers are vowing to force another vote, and the globalists are condemning the outcome with some creative rhetoric. They can’t believe that the snowball that has been rolling toward a one-world government has been slowed by, of all people, the Brits. Things had been going so well and everything was on track. What happened?

Does the vote really mean that the majority was really tired of other people from the outside making too many decisions affecting those on the inside? Did the old idea of national sovereignty actually make a comeback? Did the EU’s failures (from the Brits’ perspective) finally prove to be too much to endure any longer? Most likely all these played a role, but I think there’s a more conclusive explanation. I think the God who controls it all was making a move on the celestial chess board that would ensure that the outcome He has determined occurred at the pre-determined pace. Call it a course correction or a strategic maneuver, or whatever you wish, but God is showing who is really running the show.

Mankind occasionally needs a “What just happened?” moment when intellectual explanations just don’t cut it. Weshake up need to come to the realization that yes, there are things that are out of our control-things that “shake the nations” and send us back to the drawing boards. Most of the discussion regarding the Brexit vote has been focused on the economic ramifications, which is not surprising. Western nations that have embraced materialism see a lowered “standard of living” as our greatest threat. Forget about terrorism, moral decline, plague or famine. The driving force behind our elections is always the economy.

money bagMoney has become our god. A comfortable living has become an unspoken fundamental right. The last few years have shown that we are willing to tolerate anything as long as we can have the stuff we want. For example, a recent study reveals that cohabitation before marriage is now not only accepted, but preferred by two-thirds of America’s adults (despite the research showing that those who do are more likely to separate). America’s response is, “Forget the statistics. Just don’t mess with my lifestyle.”

This is the state of the West. Things are just like they were in the days of Noah. Mankind was doing its thing, rejecting all the boundaries God had set, and completely ignoring all the warnings of coming judgment. We are a few short years from becoming a cashless society. All the conditions that will usher in the Antichrist are within reach. While no one knows precisely when he will appear on the scene, things could drastically change in the lifetime of us baby boomers. Will we be ready?



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