This week’s news plus a challenge to counter the increasing hatred in our world


It Doesn’t End With Davis: Radical Mosques in America (MUST READ)

(Inset photos: Mohammad Qatanani (left), Siraj Wahhaj (top right), Anwar al-Awlaki (bottom right); background: Hamas)

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Satellite Images Suggest North Korea Is About To Launch Missiles From Submarines


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Another City Erases History, Atlanta could be Next 

Atlanta Rioters Thought Peace Monument was Confederate Statue, Destroy it

Don’t Ever Forget This Single Image from Charlottesville (MUST SEE)

Iceland Uses Eugenics to “Eliminate” Down Syndrome, Media Cheers 

Stanford University to Offer Course this Fall on Abolishing Whiteness


Video: Final Warning to White People, We Will Burn Down Your Houses

Iranian Youths Mass Converting to Christianity Despite Islamic Indoctrination, Government’s Efforts


Welcome to Communist California, Where You’re Thrown in Jail for Using Wrong Trans Pronouns 

Report: Iran Smuggling Weapons to Syria in Violation of UN Resolution

Islamist Mosque a Regular Stopping Point for Virginia Politicians



A New Level of Hatred

 Just when you thought the hate couldn’t get any worse…More terrorist attacks. This time in the Spanish cities of Barcelona and Cambrils. The recent events in Charlottesville were bad enough, but the political and media backlash has revealed just how deep the irrational hatred really is.

 President Trump has been accused of inciting the violence and harshly criticized for not saying the “right words” at the right time. I admit that sometimes he makes it hard to support him, but I have heard far more condemnation against him than I have heard against either the while supremacists or the leftists and black nationalists, especially those who have been destroying our historical statues. Is Donald Trump really the villain here? A video above shows Donald Trump denouncing David Duke and the KKK for the past 26 years, yet apparently, that’s not good enough.

Regarding the removal of so many Confederate statues, I understand that a lot of people object to things the commemorated leader did, especially when it comes to slavery. However, the same is true for every historical statue in America. There will always be those who are offended by something the commemorated leader did. We need to remember that we are a nation of imperfect people with imperfect leaders who contributed to an imperfect history.

Why is it that for the past 75-100 years these statues have been appreciated for what they are – monuments to significant historical figures, good and not so good, who played a key role in our nation’s history – our real history, not a whitewashed version. In our current situation, offers have been made to add an addendum at the statue acknowledging the divisions over honoring this person with a statue. This seems like a reasonable solution, but that’s obviously not good enough for those causing all the trouble.

Why is this such an issue for this generation of “activists” and media elites? Are they more sensitive and enlightened than their predecessors? Let’s take a look. This is the generation that can’t decide if it’s a boy or a girl. This is the generation that thinks men should marry men and women, women. This is the generation that thinks harboring criminals is a moral responsibility. This is the generation that does what’s right in its own eyes, regardless of the consequences. Is it any wonder we’re having this discussion over statues and racism?

How things were different under Barack Obama. He consistently fostered racial tension as he praised the thugs from Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter while demonizing the police and on occasion, white people. After the Ferguson incident and subsequent riots, he took the side of a law-breaking black punk (and the looters) while destroying the character and career of a white cop who was simply doing his duty and defending himself. Yet, through all this and a lot more of the same, the media were essentially silent. The double standard is undeniable, yet liberal commentators like Juan Williams of Fox News mock those who point out the obvious.

Hatred has reached a new level in America. When blacks publicly rant against whites and a major university teaches a course on “Abolishing Whiteness, we have a serious problem. When the media cheer over the elimination of Down Syndrome babies, we have a serious problem. When the hate-filled anti-American rhetoric spewed from mosques across America is tolerated, we have a serious problem.

People don’t seem to understand that when evil is tolerated, it intensifies. History proves this. It is a ravaging monster with an ever-increasing appetite. For years, the barbaric activities of ISIS have been publicized. Since our last president did little to stop its advance, we have arrived at the unconscionable place represented by the following video. If you want to see what unchecked evil looks like, this is it.

You may choose not to watch it. I debated whether I should include it. It is an up-close video of a child cutting the head off a live enemy soldier. It is graphic and sickening. I couldn’t watch it all. I am including it for the sole purpose of showing what unchecked evil looks like. It’s also undeniable evidence of what Islamic jihad looks like. (If you have a friend who defends Islam or believes that it is a religion of peace, ask them to watch this…. if they can.

Horrific ISIS Video: The Child Executioner

This post today is a reality check regarding the extent of evil in our world. We may not be experiencing these examples where we live, and we should thank God for that, but it’s out there. We know where it comes from, but that doesn’t really change anything. It’s here and it’s growing. No, I’m not going to use this to prove we are living in the last days. Quite frankly, what difference would it make anyway? It is what it is, and we must deal with it.

The good news for followers of Jesus Christ is that He who is in us is greater that he who is in the world. We have the power of the Lord of the universe at our disposal. How will we use it in the battle we are facing? We will surely be held accountable for what we have done with what we have been given.



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