This week’s news + What will it take for America to wake up to the very real threat of Islam or are we too far gone?


FBI Bombshell: Far-Left U.S. Radicals Colluding With ISIS

Local Police & Feds Impose INFORMATION BLACKOUT in Las Vegas Shooting

Ridiculous: George Washington Church to Remove Plaque of Former President 

Army Knew Bergdahl Had Deserted – Forced Soldiers Who Knew Truth To Sign Nondisclosure Agreements

First American Citizen To Be Convicted Of Joining ISIS Gets 20 Years

Education or Indoctrination? Islam in Our Schools

US to Provide to Direct Aid to Christian ISIS Victims


DNC Head Tom Perez Claims Electoral College “Not a Creation of the Constitution.” It Was.

NY Terrorist Entered America Through Democrat-Backed Unvetted “Diversity Visa” 

UN gives Palestinians money for “diplomatic warfare against Israel

Top Washington IRS Officials Knew About Targeting of Tea Party Groups

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

North Korea Booby Trapped? One Terrified Defector Says “Absolutely



What Will It Take?

The attack in New York City dominated the news this week.  I listened to the news reports, waiting to hear if the words “Muslim” or “Islam” would be mentioned. Of course, they were not. The following day, “Islam” was finally mentioned, but only to say that Islam was not responsible for what happened. This statement was uttered after the attacker’s note was found pledging his support for ISIS. I guess we’re to believe that although the first “I” in ISIS stands for “Islamic,” we’re reading too much into the name if we conclude that Islamic really means Islamic.

Then we learned that the Islamic terrorist was in our country because of a Democrat-sponsored “diversity visa.” Here we go again. In the name of diversity, public safety suffers. Recently, I posted the infamous words of Army Chief of Staff General George Casey after the fort Hood massacre. It appears that we need yet another reminder:

“Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.”

What happened at Fort Hood was not a tragedy. When a bridge collapses killing hundreds, that’s a tragedy. The massacre at Fort Hood was a premeditated Islamic terrorist attack, and the same goes for what just happened in New York. Of course, diversity can be a good thing if coupled with common sense, which unfortunately, is in short supply these days. Even a small dose would result in a look into the Islamic operating manual, the Qur’an, to see what the followers of Mohammed are commanded to do. It would reveal that terrorism is an integral part of jihad, which is obligatory for all Muslims.

Sura 3:151: “We will pass terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve because they ascribe unto Allah partners which have not been revealed.”

Sura 8:60:” …strike terror into the hearts of your enemies.”

Every act of terrorism can find justification somewhere in Islamic sources. There have been over 20,000 jihad terror attacks justified by the Islamic texts since 9/11. Should we be surprised? Do we need more evidence that something is wrong with this book? We all appreciate that so many Muslims love their faith and are not murderers, but that doesn’t change what the Qur’an says or instructs.

For those who say all religions have followers who do evil, ask yourself this; how many Christians or Jews or Hindus or Buddhists have blown themselves up in the midst of a crowd of people since 9/11? How many have committed genocide or infanticide since 9/11? Can you think of any? One? Indeed, something is wrong with this book. It is full of contradictions. Here’s a list of my Top 25:

  1. If Islam is “peace,” why is Wahabism, which is supposed to represent a return to the basics of Islam, so violent?
  2. Why is it that whatever Jehovah loved, Allah hated, and whatever Allah loved, Jehovah hated?
  3. How can you trust a god who refers to himself as “The Greatest of all Deceivers” (Qur’an 3:54)?
  4. How can you trust a god who deceived so many people into thinking that it was Jesus who died on the cross if it really wasn’t him?
  5. In light of the fact that Judas was already dead (Matt. 27:5), and the fact that it was Jesus who had infuriated the Jewish religious leaders, how could they possibly believe that it was Judas who was crucified and not Jesus?
  6. How can Muslims embrace a religion followed by demons? According to the Qur’an (51:56, 72:13), the demons (Jinn in Arabic) follow Allah as their Lord. In Islam, being on the same side as demons is a good thing.
  7. Isn’t Allah supposed to bless you if you are obedient? How do you explain all the poor Muslims in the world and the generally low standard of living in Muslim countries?
  8. How is it that Allah can protect the Qur’an from corruption when he couldn’t protect his earlier revelations?
  9. The “Night Journey” claims that Muhammad ascended into heaven from the very spot where the Temple in Jerusalem once stood. The ancient text refers to it as “the temple that is most remote.” If this is true, how then can Muslims claim that there never was a temple there as the Jews claim?
  10. How is suicide justified when the Qur’an condemns it?
  11. How can the Qur’an be trusted if its verses can ultimately be superseded by more mature revelations?
  12. If Jesus is dead as Muslims claim, how will he ultimately convert to Islam?
  13. If Jesus is dead as Muslims claim, He must be resurrected if He is going to accompany the Mahdi. Doesn’t this make Him divine?
  14. If Muslims are the good guys and Allah is on their side, why do they consistently lose when they go up against the “evil Jews?”
  15. How did the Bible perfectly predict all of the plans devised by Muslims to destroy Israel and Christianity thousands of years in advance?
  16. Why has Jehovah defended Israel in the Bible?
  17. If Allah is indeed God, why is he so afraid of his followers reading the Bible? (Muslims claim that the God of the Bible was Allah, not Jehovah.)
  18. Muslims believe that the spirit that revealed the Qur’an to Muhammad was the angel Gabriel (Jibril in Arabic), who is called “The Keeper of Holiness,” and the “Holy Spirit.” How can he be both an angel and the Holy Spirit? How can you attribute these two titles to anyone other than God Himself?
  19. Islam claims that the Holy Spirit is not God. Also, Muslims label as a “heretic” anyone who believes the Holy Spirit is created. Which is it? Anyone uncreated must be God. Doesn’t this support the concept of the Trinity?
  20. Why are Muslims not permitted to drink wine while the Qur’an allows it?
  21. If Islam can only be understood in its original language, how can Muslims expect non-Arabs to convert to a religion whose primary book will be unintelligible to them?
  22. If Muslims are to give to the poor, how do you know that their condition is not the result of neglecting prayer? If you help them, you are dooming yourself by making yourself as one who has waged war against Muhammad.
  23. How do you explain situations like ultra-righteous Muslims suffering tragedies like being hit by a car? (Muslims typically have no answer for why bad things happen to good people.)
  24. Why won’t Muslim authorities allow the copies of the “authorized” version of the Qur’an as compiled and edited by Zayd ibn Thabit to be examined? What are they afraid of?
  25. Muslims claim that only Allah is active. He causes everything that happens on earth down to the tiniest detail. His followers are passive, doing only what Allah caused them to do. How then, can Allah judge them for doing what he caused them to do?

What will it take for our nation to wake up? How many people need to die before we do something constructive that addresses the real threat-the ideology of Islam which threatens the entire non-Muslim world?



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