219. The Israeli Connection

This special edition focuses on my book, THE ISRAELI CONNECTION: The Church’s Hope, America’s Future.


As the title indicates, The Israeli Connection is all about America’s relationship with Israel. If we don’t get this one right, nothing else really matters. America is on the verge of disaster. Our survival depends on our treatment of Israel. It goes way beyond mere politics. It’s a matter of taking God at His word and blessing what He blesses.
Of all the nations on earth, God chose Israel as the one through which He would make Himself known. He refers to her as the “apple of His eye.” The temple where God chose to be worshipped was on one of her mountains. The Savior of the world lived, died, and was resurrected on her soil. God’s plans for the future of the world center on her, and she is the focus of the spiritual battle for control of the universe. If Israel is this important to God, surely she should be important to us. If we don’t understand God’s love and His plans for Israel, we’ll never understand His love and His plans for us.
Those who believe that the Church has replaced Israel and those leaders who participate in giving away God’s land are equally guilty in inviting God’s wrath on our once great nation.
Learn what the Bible says about Israel’s role in the Last Days and especially the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble” also known as the Tribulation. It will possibly change your understanding of the entire Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24 & 25.
As a supplement to the book, The Israeli Connection, the Study Guide takes the reader through a more in-depth study of the principles set forth by examining selected biblical passages, asking insightful questions, and suggesting steps for personal application. It is intended for use by pastors, adult education teachers, Bible schools and seminaries, or individuals wanting to further their understanding of Israel’s role in the life of the believer, whether Gentile or Jew. As a teaching tool, this study seeks to educate by leading the readers along a path of personal discovery.¬† The goal of this study is fivefold:
1.¬† Introduce the reader to God’s care for Israel as seen in His unconditional love and supernatural protection.
2.¬† Help the reader make the connection between Israel’s past and present, and the everyday life of the believer (Gentile or Jew) not living in Israel.
3. Demonstrate God’s passionate desire for unity between Jewish and Gentile believers in Jesus.
4.¬† Reveal America’s role in Israel’s future as well as Israel’s role in America’s future.
5.  Stir each participant to action.
A wake-up call for Christians and an insightful journey through the Israeli-American connection. – Dan Juster, Director of Tikkun International; former President of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations; professor in Messianic Jewish Theological Institute
A great overview for those whose interest in Israel has been awakened. Ed Rodgers has presented solid evidence for a Jewish-Gentile connection whose time has come. РRay Sanders, International Director of Christian Friends of Israel, Jerusalem           

With The Israeli Connection Ed Rodgers has powerfully joined the movement to unite Jewish and Gentile believers. It presents an outstanding overview of the events, obstacles, and promises affecting Israel while clearly defining America’s role and believers’ responsibilities. It is the right book at the right time. – Jack Jacobs, Congregational Leader, Beth Am Messiah, New City, New York
The Israeli Connection is a down-to-earth book from a heavenly perspective. It will stretch your thinking and bless your heart. Ed Rodgers has painted a historically accurate and theologically sound picture of Israel which the Church needs to see.  РJohn Krieger, Associate Pastor, Community Bible Church, Beaufort, South Carolina


TV Appearance
Tomorrow, July 13, I will be featured on Niteline in the studios of WGGS TV 16 in Greenville, SC from 8 to 9PM or 9 to 10PM (undetermined at this point). We will be discussing Israel and Islam in general and my books, including The Israeli Connection. The program will be streamed live at www.wggstv.com.

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