Why the book of Revelation is addressed to Christ’s bondservants, not His followers, Christians, or believers + weekly news

To His Bondservants

In the beginning of the book of Revelation we are told that the “message” of the book was given to Jesus by God to show Jesus’ bondservants what would happen in the future—things that would happen swiftly once they began. It is significant that all the prophecies, images, and visions are for a select group, not everyone. They aren’t for all those who call themselves Christians, believers, or followers of Jesus. We can call ourselves Christians because we “prayed the prayer,” but we may still be the ones setting the agenda. We may call ourselves believers because we believe that Jesus died for our sins, but we may not yet be convinced that we (our old life) must be crucified with Christ. We may see ourselves as a follower of Christ, but we may be following at a safe distance.

What is a Bondservant?

A bond-servant is one who has made the difficult decision that Christ is to be his (or her) life. He had the option to be set free, to live life on his terms, but his love of Jesus was so strong that he chose to serve Him for the rest of his life, looking out for his Master’s interests, going wherever and whenever He chooses, regardless of the difficulties. Those who refuse to become Christ’s bondservant are those who refuse to believe that their “old man,” their life apart from Christ, was so wretched that it had to be replaced by something infinitely better—Christ Himself. They keep hanging on to their imaginary goodness.

I hope this shows why the message of the book of Revelation is exclusively for Jesus’ bondservants. They know the truth of their own heart and the heart of Jesus. Jesus is speaking directly to them because they are the ones who will see the prophecies and visions from His point of view. Since they have the mind and heart of Jesus, they are in a better position to understand this difficult book. They are the ones who will know what to do with the “information.”

The Church will Shine

It should be clear that we are in the last of the last days. The “birth pangs” of Matthew 24:8 aren’t far off. Despite the great things our nation has accomplished, it has fallen so low that it has fallen out of favor with God. It has sunk from “world leader” to “laughingstock.” It has become weak, its leaders are corrupt, and its society is immoral. The descriptions in 2 Timothy 3:2-9 apply to us. I believed our nation has fallen too low to be saved, but the true Church is about to shine brightly.

Given for a Reason

This brings us back to the bondservants and Revelation. As difficult as the book may be, it was given to Christ’s bondservants for a reason. From a practical standpoint, they are to do their best to understand it so they will know what is coming, to be able to see the signs around us, and to warn those God has sent our way of the coming judgment and how to avoid it. From a spiritual standpoint, they are to allow this most unique book to make them more dependent on their Master so that they can fulfill their mission in His unlimited strength and power, fearless and bold as a lion. Are you a Christian, believer, follower, or bondservant?


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