221. U.S. to Sell Arms to New Egyptian Regime

This issue looks at Israel’s recognition of South Sudan, the U.N.’s plans for Palestine, the U.S. arms deal with Egypt, Governor Perry’s call for national prayer and fasting, and how fear of Hamas is affecting support for a Palestinian state.OUR ISRAELI CONNECTION

Israel among First Countries to Recognize South Sudan
The Israel Project reports: Israel became one of the first countries to recognize South Sudan on Saturday when the African nation came into existence. Israeli

South Sudanese wave Israeli flag during Independence Day celebrations

¬†Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at his weekly cabinet meeting Sunday, “Yesterday, a new state was born, South Sudan. I hereby announce that Israel recognizes the Republic of South Sudan. We wish it much success.” The world’s newest nation – which faces a host of daunting challenges, from endemic poverty to continuing insurrections – formally split from the northern, Arab-dominated Sudan Saturday. Pomp and nationwide celebrations marked the occasions, and world heads of state, including U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon were on hand for the festivities in the new capital of Juba.
U.N. to “Debate” on Israel’s Future
On July 26, the United Nations Security Council will hold an open “debate” on whether or not Israel’s land will be seized in September and Jerusalem divided by the establishment of a Palestinian state. This would be done without negotiation or approval from Israel. Spokespersons from the Arab League have stated they will seek UN membership for a Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and with East Jerusalem as its capital.


U.S. to Sell Arms worth $1 Billion to Egypt
Jerusalem Prayer Team reports: Despite the revolution that overthrew Egypt’s government earlier this year and the near-certainty that the new government to be elected this fall will be dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood that is very hostile to Israel, the Obama Administration has announced plans to move ahead with an arms deal with Egypt worth more than one billion dollars. The highlight of the proposed package is 125 Abrams tanks-the top of the line fighting vehicle used by US forces.

A Pentagon official described the deal as providing Egypt, “a modern tank fleet, enhancing its capacity to meet current and future threats.” One has to wonder exactly what threat the Obama Administration thinks Egypt faces. It is on friendly terms with all its Arab neighbors and has been at peace with Israel since the historic treaty signed by Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat. This announcement comes on the heels of the revelation that President Obama is again convening the Quartet in Washington this week to further his plan to force Israel to retreat to its 1967 borders and divide the city of Jerusalem.
Gov. Perry Promotes Fasting and Praying for America
Texas Governor Rick Perry has called a day of prayer and fasting based on the Book of Joel. He issued a proclamation to the citizens of Texas, and sent a letter to his 49 fellow governors asking them to participate in the event, which will be held August 6th at Reliant Stadium in Houston. Excerpts from his proclamation:
“Given the trials that have beset our country and world – from the global economic downturn to natural disasters, the lingering danger of terrorism and wars that endanger our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and theaters of conflict around the globe, and the decline of our culture in the context of the demise of families – it seems imperative that the people of our nation should once again join together for a solemn day of prayer and fasting on behalf of our troubled nation,” wrote the Governor. “In times of trouble, even those who have been granted power by the people must turn to God in humility for wisdom, mercy and direction. In the spirit of the Book of Joel, Chapter 2, Verses 15-16, I urge a solemn gathering of prayer and fasting. As those verses admonish: ‘Blow the trumpet in Zion, declare a holy fast, call a sacred assembly…Gather the people, consecrate the assembly…’ As Jesus prayed publicly for the benefit of others in John 11:41-42, so should we express our faith in this way.”
Fear of Hamas Raises Opposition to Proposed Terms of Palestinian State
Earl Cox reports: Diplomatic tensions continue to mount over Palestinian plans to go to the United Nations in September and seek international recognition of a Palestinian state along the pre-1967 lines. Both Israel and the Palestinians are lobbying hard in foreign capitals ahead of this highly anticipated standoff. The Palestinians are now claiming they have as many as 130 nations ready to support them in a statehood vote in New York this fall. And yet key countries like the United States, Germany, Italy, and now even the Kingdom of Jordan have joined Israel in opposing the move. Part of their opposition has to do with the damage such a unilateral declaration of statehood could do to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. In addition, many Western leaders are concerned about the recent Fatah-Hamas unity pact and the possibility that Hamas could easily seize control of such a Palestinian state.


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