246. It’s All Connected

This issue looks at¬†how IT’S ALL CONNECTED.

Part of my logo (at the top of my home page) is the phrase “It’s all connected.” In its most basic application, It means that everything good in the world can be traced back to God, while everything evil can be traced to Satan. It is also true on a more “local” level. The six degrees of separation, for example, show that everyone is on average approximately six steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person on Earth.
My focus here, however, is on the interconnectedness of many of the things going on in our world today. Consider the Arab Spring, the fall of so many dictators, the increasing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, the economic disasters in so many nations, the increase in the number of “natural disasters,” the growing epidemic of worldwide anti-Semitism and anti-Israel blustering, and the growing push to remove God from our nation’s and world’s affairs.
I cannot believe that all these events are not closely connected. I, and many others, have been trying to sound the alarm regarding the connection between so many of our recent “natural disasters” and our diplomatic attempts to divide up God’s land through one Israeli “land for peace” deal after another. Currently, the Obama administration has been pushing for a Palestinian state at the obvious expense of Israel’s safety.
At home, there is a push to remove the famous red iron cross from the 9/11 memorial. Now, as I am writing this, the City of New York also wants the clergy removed from the upcoming 10th Anniversary Memorial service. Is it coincidental that the east coast was just hit by a massive earthquake followed by a massive hurricane that has taken over 40 lives and caused over 30 billion dollars in damage? 

On the whole, America just doesn’t get it. Until we, as a nation, start connecting the dots, we can expect things to get progressively worse. We’ve got to understand that ideas have consequences, and the consequences of ideas that deny truth can be deadly. (This happens to be the basis of my novel, Dragon Slayers.) It’s the old action-reaction thing. It’s not that hard to understand, but it’s apparently hard for many to believe. For example, when presidential candidate Michelle Bachman asked America to consider the possibility that God may have spoken through hurricane Irene, her campaign staff immediately claimed that she was just joking. Well, she wasn’t joking and I think she was right. Those of us who do believe must do everything in our power to bring about the needed change. The key, of course, is repentance, humbling, and prayer.
Just as the evil throughout the world is all connected, and the good is likewise connected, so must be the people of God. The Church, empowered by the Holy Spirit, can be the mightiest force on the planet, but only if all the parts are connected. We need to start thinking globally on a spiritual level. We must be praying for our brothers and sisters around the world who are imprisoned and/or undergoing daily torture or abuse. We need to care about what God is doing in China, Korea, and elsewhere. Most important of all, we need to care about Jewish believers, especially those in Israel who are persecuted daily. It’s time to spiritually get connected, to pursue unity by placing the needs of others above our own.


To be politically correct:
Cafeteria food isn’t awful.
It’s “digestively challenged.”

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