This issue looks at the Egyptian ransacking of the Israeli Embassy, the military buildups in the Red Sea, more outrageous lies by the PA, The New York Times’ Shariah endorsement, Turkey’s moves against Israel, American Muslims’ views on suicide bombings, and an Islamic Jihad official’s warning of extermination of Christians. 


Egyptians Ransack Israeli Embassy in Cairo
Fox News reports: Protesters broke into the Israeli Embassy in Cairo Friday and 

Some hundreds of Egyptian activists demolish a concrete wall built around a building housing the Israeli embassy in Cairo, Egypt, to protect it against demonstrators, as they raise their national flag.

 dumped documents out of the windows as hundreds more demonstrated outside, prompting the ambassador to rush to the airport to leave. The unrest was a further worsening of already deteriorating ties between Israel and post-Hosni Mubarak Egypt. Egyptian police made no attempt to intervene during the day as crowds of hundreds tore down an embassy security wall with sledgehammers and their bare hands or after nightfall when about 30 protesters stormed into the Nile-side high-rise building where the embassy is located. Read more.

Iran Sends 15th Fleet to Red Sea
Jerusalem Prayer Team reports: Iran has announced it is sending its 15th Fleet, including at least one submarine, to the Red Sea. The move heightened tensions in Israel, as Iran has the missile capacity to strike Israeli targets from offshore. Though Iran’s naval commander described the news as conveying a “message of peace and friendship to all countries,” the presence of this new threat so close to Israel does not build confidence in a nation that has been repeatedly threatened with being “wiped off the map” by Iran’s leader.
Israel Moves Warships toward Egypt
Reacting to growing threats of new terrorist attacks from Egypt, like the one that killed eight Jews two weeks ago, Israel has moved several warships closer to the southern border with Egypt in the Red Sea. In addition, IDF forces have beefed up security along the 150-mile border. Tension between Israel and Egypt is higher than it has been in more than 30 years. The leading candidates for office in Egypt’s upcoming elections are running on campaign platforms of overturning the peace treaty with Israel. 

 More Outrageous Lies by PA
Jerusalem Prayer Team reports: Palestinian Authority Minister of Prisoner Affairs Issa Qaraqi accused Israel this week of “harvesting organs” from Palestinian prisoners. This outrageous lie hearkens back to the blood libel of the Middle Ages when Jews were accused of celebrating Passover with the blood of Christian babies. Keep in mind that this is not some random radical saying these things; it is a high official in the Palestinian government…the same sort of people President Obama and the UN want to put in charge of Jerusalem!


New York Times: America Should Adopt Shariah Law
Click here to see how the Times defends its position.
Turkey Expels Israeli Ambassador
In a dramatic demonstration of worsening tension and anger toward Israel in the Middle East, Turkish officials have expelled the Israeli Ambassador from their country and suspended all military agreements with Israel. Turkey was once one of Israel’s closest allies in the Middle East, but the new government has been playing to radical Muslim sympathies in the country and taken a harder line against the Jewish state.
American Muslims Still Approve of Suicide Bombings reports: A new study out by the Pew Research Center has some interesting statistics out on American Muslim feelings towards suicide bombings. While all the news agencies appear to be reporting on the “wonderful” news that the amount of American Muslims that approve of suicide bombings on civilians has decreased since 2007, no one seems to be reporting that we have American citizens who believe it is ok to do! I’m sorry, but 9% of Muslims in the U.S. are ok with blowing up civilians! Think about that. According to the CIA World Factbook, in 2010 there were 1.8 million Muslims in the United States. I’m going with this lower figure because no one really knows and I’d rather err on the side of caution. If the 9% holds steady through all 1.8 million American Muslims, then that puts us with at least 162,000 people in the United States that believe it is ok to suicide bomb civilians! Read more.
Islamic Jihad Official Warn of Extermination of Christians
Jerusalem Prayer Team reports: Sheikh ‘Adel Shehato, a senior official in Egyptian Islamic Jihad, told an Egyptian newspaper that though his group is running a slate in the Egyptian elections, he doesn’t believe in democracy. “It is not the faith of Muslims, but the faith of Christians and Jews. Once Allah’s law is applied, the role of the people will end, and Allah will reign supreme,” he said. He further promised that if the terrorist organization gains power, they will launch a worldwide armed campaign to institute Islamic sharia law. “The Christian is free to worship his God in his church, but if the Christians make problems for Muslims, I will exterminate them.” 


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