366. N.J. Muslims Sue NYPD

This issue looks at the uphill battle for massacred Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics to be remembered, Putin’s upcoming visit to Israel, a N.J. Muslim group’s lawsuit against the NYPD, news from the Jerusalem Prayer Team, and how Obama welcomes 65,000 America-hating Muslims into the U.S. each year.

International Olympic Committee Urged to Honor Israelis Murdered at 1972 Games
Tiponthetrail.com reports: The House Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously passed a resolution yesterday urging the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to recognize with a minute of silence at every future Olympics Opening Ceremony for the 11 Israeli athletes who were taken hostage and killed by Palestinian violent extremists at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. Committee Chairman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), a co-sponsor of the legislation, called the IOC’s refusals “indefensible.” This follows a statement Ros-Lehtinen released on May 18 in response to the IOC’s failure to accede to Israel’s request for a moment of silence at the 2012 Olympic Games to pay tribute to the Israeli athletes. Then she asked a simple question: “Is one minute too much for the IOC to spend in remembrance of 11 innocent lives brutally cut short at the 1972 Games?” Read more.

Putin to Visit Israel on June 25: Is there a Prophetic significance to the Trip?
Joel Rosenberg reports: The possibility of an Israeli preemptive war against Iran is growing steadily as we head into summer. Meanwhile, the Russian-Iranian alliance is getting stronger. Now we can confirm that “Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Israel and the Palestinian territories later this month,” reports the Times of Israel. It will be Mr. Putin’s second visit. He was the first Russian leader in history to visit Israel seven years ago. Is there a prophetic significance to the trip in light of Ezekiel 38-39 and the coming “War of Gog and Magog”? It’s certainly intriguing in light of how trends in recent years have been so consistent with the ancient prophecies. It’s also interesting in light of Russia’s decision to send attack helicopters to Syria, which the Associated Press reports could escalate the horrific violence by the Assad regime against the Syrian people. Read more.


N.J. Muslim Group Sues NYPD to Stop Routine Counterterror Efforts
Jihad Watch reports: The New York Police Department’s years-long surveillance of Muslim businesses and mosques throughout the Northeast denigrated the Islamic faith and violated the constitutional rights of countless Muslim-Americans, according to a federal lawsuit filed in Newark today [6/11]. The suit, which is the first legal challenge of the NYPD’s spy operations, could mark the beginning of a historical movement, said Farhana Khera, executive director of Muslim Advocates, the civil rights group filing the suit on behalf of several New Jersey residents. “This lawsuit is perhaps the most important legal challenge brought to date by American Muslims,” Khera said. Read more.

News from the Jerusalem Prayer Team
The slow motion collapse of the government of Syria is a critical threat to Israel’s survival. Russia is sending attack helicopters to try to prop up the regime. My sources tell me that Hezbollah terrorists are working overtime behind the scenes to get their hands on Syria’s massive stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction-chemical and biological weapons that the Assad government has amassed.

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has reportedly begun posting Internet advertisements offering training for prospective suicide bombers to target US, Israeli, British and French targets. Ads have been posted on a number of jihadist forums and websites, asking for volunteers. “The aim of this training is to continue with our brothers who are seeking to carry out operations that make for great killing and slaughtering of the enemies of Islam,” the advertisement says. “It is a complete jihadist operation to be carried out by a single bomber.”

A military source has revealed that the US is basing a number of our most advanced warplanes, the new F-22 Raptor, in the United Arab Emirates. The Raptor offers amazing airstrike and stealth capability, allowing it to remain undetected while launching attacks deep into enemy territory along with providing air superiority and cover. This deployment is believed to be part of the ASB-Air, Sea Battle-strategy developed to ensure that the crucial Strait of Hormuz remains open in the event of war. The pieces are being put into place for the war to come.

Obammigration: Saudis Pay $5.3 Billion For 65,000 Saudi Students Now “Studying” in the U.S.
Debbie Schlussel reports: It’s official: Barack Obama brings in 65,000 America-hating Muslim aliens each year. According to the U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, we now have at least 65,000 Muslim foreign alien students “studying” in the United States, courtesy of Saudi Arabia. Since that’s more students than there are Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, do you think we are keeping an eye on all of these students? An eye on even a fraction of these students? Dream on. And as I’ve reported on this site many, many times, a good number of these “students” never attend class, sneak weapons on planes, commit dry runs for terrorist attacks (or actually try to commit the acts for real), beat and rape women, and try to recruit for terrorist activities. Read more.


I want to die while asleep like my grandfather, not screaming in terror like the passengers in his car.

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