386. How does God Direct our Lives?

How Does God Direct Our Lives?
As a follow-up to the series we did on discovering God’s purpose for our lives, let’s look at how God often provides the direction we need. One of the ministries of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers is to lead and direct us. He promises to do this. Our prayers asking God to lead, guide, and direct us are unnecessary. He already promised to do so. Yet, we feel the need to ask God for direction in a host of areas in our lives. God is happy to oblige, but He seldom answers the way we expect Him to or the way we want him to. We would like Him to respond to a simple question with a simple answer. What could be easier? Well, God’s ways are certainly not our ways and He knows the absolute best way to answer our questions-the way that will have the greatest impact and the most lasting results.

Very often, God uses times of temptation and trials to provide the direction we’re seeking. It’s part of the “progressive revelation” principle. God gives more light when we respond to the light we’ve been given (to him who has, more shall be given). In this case, God provides answers (with blessings attached) when we respond to a trial or temptation with godly convictions. If our response is bold and uncompromising regardless of the consequences, God will not only provide the direction, but will see to it that we arrive safely at the final “destination.”

Look at what happened to Daniel and his three companions when they were taken to Babylon. No doubt, they were seeking the Lord’s direction in this strange land. They were faced with an immediate challenge when it looked like they would be forced to defile themselves by eating the king’s delicacies. Daniel knew they could be killed for their refusal, but his devotion to God overpowered his fears. He made a deal with the official in charge of them, trusting God that He would make them healthier eating only veggies and water instead of the king’s goodies and wine. After the ten-day test period, they were healthier that the others and were allowed to continue on their God-honoring diet.

This was a defining moment in Daniel’s life. God eventually established him as the head of all the wise men in Babylon. God gave him wisdom, understanding, and the ability to interpret dreams. He ended up having a profound influence on Babylon and the nation of Israel. Because he remained uncompromising in his initial trial, God gave him greatness and we have a book in our Bible named for him.

I think God is looking for contemporary Daniels-men and women who are willing to stand up to the toughest trials and temptations-men and women so devoted to God that they will accept the consequences, even death. God wants to bless us with powerful ministries and lives that exalt Him, but this will only happen if we seek Him over the blessings. Are we so devoted to our God that we are willing to draw a line in the sand and say, “No further?” Is your current trial one that may become your “defining moment?” Is your love for God so great that you will risk it all not to defile yourself?

Are you asking God for direction? Look at your current trial, Perhaps He is using it to answer your request.


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