Greater faith comes from a step of obedience.


Now the Jordan is at flood stage all during harvest. Yet as soon as the priests who carried the ark reached the Jordan and their feet touched the water’s edge, the water from upstream stopped flowing (JOSHUA 3:15-16).


We all want God’s blessings and we want to please Him, but sometimes our faith seems too small to complete (or even begin) a clear command He has placed before us. At other times we face a difficult situation and we want to believe that God will come through for us. We blame our inaction on our insufficient faith, as if it’s our faith that determines the blessings we will receive. God, however, never asks us to increase our faith. He wants us to act on whatever faith we have and let Him take it from there. He asks us to obey, then when He brings us through our crisis, our faith will grow and our relationship with Him will be stronger. From this strengthened relationship come greater blessings. The more we know someone, the more we trust them. The more we trust them, the freer they are to trust us with blessings. That’s just how life works, but our spiritual journey into the heart of God begins with simple obedience.



When the children of Israel had finally made it to the Promised Land, the Jordan River was their last barrier to be crossed. At flood stage it was impossible to cross safely. God needed to perform another miracle. That miracle required obedience on the part of the priests who were carrying the ark. They were told that when they stepped into the river, it would stop flowing. God would make a way, but the priests had to obey. Imagine being the first priest. Either the waters would stop—or you, and possibly the ark also, would be swept away. We know how the story ended. They crossed safely just like God had said they would. God had provided one more opportunity to grow their faith and draw His people closer to Himself so they would be prepared for the battles ahead.

If your lack of faith has been a stumbling block in your spiritual walk, God has been and will continue to place opportunities before you that will grow your faith and draw you closer to Him. All He is asking is that you obey the last thing He asked you to do. God loves to reward those who are willing to take that first step of faith, especially when, from your own perspective, the outcome is uncertain and the process is scary. Isn’t that what faith is—walking according to God’s promises instead of by how things look? God grows our faith after we have taken that first step. If we wait until we think our faith is strong enough to venture forth, we’ll probably have a long wait. Once we experience God’s faithfulness as He brings us through our difficulties, our faith will automatically increase, but we have to take that first step.


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