Experts have studied shariah in America. Some lessons have been learned. Some, ignored.


This is the third article in my series investigating the threat shariah poses to America. One of the lessons we learned from the cold war was that dealing with non-violent internal threats such as the Communist Party USA was considerably more difficult than fighting an enemy with military weapons on the battlefield. Congress tried to deal with this by forcing agents of foreign powers to register as such with the Department of Justice through the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938. Two years later Congress attempted to make it illegal to be a communist in the U.S. by passing the Smith Act. It enacted the McCarran-Walter Act (the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act), signed by President Harry S Truman, which authorized the exclusion and deportation of aliens on such ideological grounds as support for overthrowing the United States government.

Beginning in the 1960s, the Supreme Court drastically reinterpreted the First Amendment, gradually extending the original guarantee of American citizens’ right to engage in political speech, to include a constitutional protection to (a) subversive speech that could be construed as “advocacy,” rather than incitement to imminent lawlessness, and (b) the speech of non-Americans. Bowing to elite opinion, which scoffed at fears of communist penetration of our government and institutions, Congress (in such legislation as the 1965 Immigration Act, the 1978 McGovern Amendment, the 1989 Moynihan-Frank Amendment, and the 1990 Immigration Act) gutted the statutory basis for excluding and deporting individuals based on ideological beliefs, regardless of their subversive tendencies – at least in the absence of demonstrable ties to terrorism, espionage or sabotage.

Serious investigation into the issue revealed that missteps had compounded the danger, and there was plenty of blame to go around. The fact is that, under both political parties, the U.S. government has comprehensively failed to grasp the true nature of this enemy – an adversary that fights to reinstate the totalitarian Islamic caliphate and impose shariah globally. Indeed, under 10 successive Democratic and Republican administrations, America’s civilian and military leaders have too often focused single-mindedly on the kinetic terror tactics deployed by al Qaeda and its affiliates to the exclusion of the overarching supremacist ideology of shariah that animates them.


If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll recognize that those on the Left and the “generally uninformed” on both sides of the political aisle have failed to understand genuine threats posed by insidious ideologies in their attempts to protect the First Amendment. Our leadership generally has failed to appreciate the subversion campaigns posed by groups like the Muslim Brotherhood – groups that fully share the objectives of the violent jihadists but believe that, for the moment at least, more stealthy, “pre-violent” means of jihad are likely to prove more effective in achieving those goals. It must always be kept in mind, of course, that stealthy jihad tactics are just that: tactics to prepare the U.S. battlefield for the inevitable violence to come.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has issued several salutary warnings along these lines, including a major address at the American Enterprise Institute on July 26, 2010. By neglecting their professional duty to understand the doctrinal and legal basis of jihad, policymakers commit national resources in blood and treasure to foreign battlefields without ever realizing that what we must fight for is not just security from Islamist suicide bombers. Rather, we must also preserve here at home the system of government, laws, and freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution that many took oaths to “support and defend” that is now being targeted by those foreign and domestic enemies who seek our submission to shariah.

The bottom line is that without such an understanding, and the policy and operational adjustments it necessitates, we risk winning on the battlefield but losing the war. While the U.S. launches intelligence assets and the finest military the world has ever seen with devastating tactical effect, our shariah-adherent foes deploy their forces strategically across the full battlespace of 21st Century warfare, including here in North America.

I am convinced that our recognition of the true nature of the Muslim Brotherhood is essential if we are to combat the looming shariah threat. For more information on the Muslim Brotherhood click here and scroll down to the heading “Middle-East and Muslim Brotherhood.”

(Much of the information presented in this series is taken from SHARIAH: The Threat to America (An Exercise in Competitive Analysis- A Report of Team B II.)


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