If you are often disillusioned and disappointed with people, this post is for you.


Therefore, from now on we recognize no man
according to the flesh… (2 Cor. 5:16)
We’ve all been disillusioned over something, but some people are disillusioned way too often. They live their lives in a constant state of feeling let down and unappreciated. In the end, no one measures up to their expectations or their imagined obligations, making the world a place of constant disappointment and frustration. If this describes you or someone you know, the answer to changing things lies in the word “disillusioned.”
          The problem is that these people live in a world of illusion, not reality. When their expectations in their illusory world aren’t met, their world falls apart, and it will keep falling apart until they recognize the cause-their unrealistic expectations of everyone and their unrealistic understanding of God. Those whose love for God is faulty or incomplete will invariably love people more than they love God (although they will deny it to their last breath). Consequently, they will place on the people they love demands that only the Lord Jesus Christ can fulfill. They expect the people in their world to love perfectly, always respond appropriately, always know the right thing to say and do, and to know when you have been offended.


          Jesus knew what was in every human heart and He trusted no one. Yet He was never suspicious or bitter over anyone’s failures. His confidence in God and in what His grace could do for any human being was so unwavering that He never despaired over anyone. He was anchored in His Father and no one else. He knew how much His Father was committed to transforming every human life, and He knew the power of His love and grace that would accomplish it.
          Today’s verse is a reminder that we too are called to look beyond the frailties and shortcomings of our loved ones and make an effort to see them as Jesus sees them-with no cynicism or bitter comments about them. If they are saved, we are to focus on what Christ has made them to be, ignoring, or at least minimizing the remnants of their flesh which can pop up at any time as they do in us. If they are not saved, we shouldn’t expect Christ-likeness from them.
          Our trust and faith are to be anchored in Jesus Christ and only in Him. He never fails and is constantly watching over us as the Good Shepherd that He is. It’s time to stop placing unrealistic expectations on those around us. If we give up our illusions, we can never be disillusioned. After all, the truth is far more satisfying, and His name is Jesus.



Be ye fishers of men — you catch ’em & He’ll clean ’em.



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