This week’s news plus Would you choose success if it meant God wouldn’t be with you?


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Success or Relationship?

 “If Your presence does not go with us,
do not lead us up from here.” 
EXODUS 33:15

I think we place way to high a value on what we see as “success.” We judge everything we do by our measure of success. We exacerbate the issue when we set man-made benchmarks by which we measure our version of success. It’s easy to assume that success, as we measure it, means God is with us. We think the two go together so we focus on success in our endeavors, including our ministries. We like verification. We like signs. We like tangible evidence that we have done well. Herein lies our problem. It’s not about us and our efforts. God wants a relationship with Him infinitely more that our supposed success.

Today’s verse is part of a dialog between Moses and God as they were on the verge of entering the Promised Land. God knew the obstinate hearts of the people, and He wanted no part of them. He offered to send an angel ahead of them through which He would drive out their enemies so they could enjoy the blessings of the land. God would give His people the success they desired, but He would not be with them. Today’s verse is Moses’ response. He knew that success, no matter how great, was no substitute for continual fellowship with God. His security came from his relationship with God, not the subjugation of his enemies.

We must be careful not to assume that our good health, prospering business, number of church attendees, or thriving ministry is a sign of God’s presence. Check out Exodus 33. If you have subconsciously chosen success over a relationship with God, He may grant your desire but at a huge cost. Take a moment and reflect on your current spiritual journey. Which do you value more, success, especially in the world’s eyes, or intimate fellowship with God? Would you choose world-wide acclaim as the world’s next Billy Graham if it meant God was not with you?

Nothing is worth it if it means God is not with you. With Him comes everything you need and much, much, more. Don’t get caught up in the success trap. If He won’t be with you in your next “venture,” you’re better off staying where you are. The Body of Christ can’t survive if it’s separated from the Head.


What is the unit of measure for determining the effectiveness of an evangelist? the biligram


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