What the previous Department of Education did to our nation’s children should make you furious.



Our Constitution’s First Amendment has been used and misused by many to support their way of thinking. It does provide broad freedom to say and believe anything. It does not, however, support a right to act on beliefs that advocate an overthrow of the government, force their beliefs on others, or infringe on the life, rights, or freedoms of others.

Lately, we have seen a deterioration of the intent and integrity of the First Amendment to the degree that it has been rendered moot. A prime example is the teaching of Islam in our public schools. Keep in mind that to the Muslim mind, there is no separation of mosque and state. Their rules, religion, government, and everything pertaining to daily life are inseparably united. What is the glue that binds them together? Sharia.

Historically, Islam has spread by the sword or by deception. Mohammed said that war is deception, and the Muslim world is at war with all non-Muslims. Since the sword is currently out of the question here in America, the strategy of choice is deception, and one of the prime deceptive weapons for indoctrinating America’s children into a carefully crafted, deceptive caricature of Islam is a program called Access Islam.

Introduced years ago in our public schools by the Department of Education, Access Islam presents lesson plans complete with a video series produced by PBS affiliate Thirteen/WNET in New York. The program, designed for grades five through twelve, teaches the Five Pillars of Islam, provides Qur’an verses for study and recitation, and the five-times-daily required prayers.



As You would expect, conservative parents have objected to the “indoctrination” as well as the special treatment of Islam at the expense of Christianity. (Had a similar Christian program been introduced, the outcry would have been deafening.) When PolitiFact.com “investigated” the complaint, it found no indoctrination and quoted Diane Moore, the director of Harvard Divinity School’s Religious Literacy Project: “When any religious tradition is only represented in its positive light, it can feel like indoctrination to those who don’t believe the tradition has merit or has equal credibility to one’s own faith.”

Think about how absurd that statement is. It says that telling half the story is okay, even if the half left out is brutal and barbaric. Presenting Islam only in a positive light must ignore its history of violence, it’s hatred of Christians and Jews, and its plans to dominate the world, not to mention the sub-human treatment of women.

So why would our government officials allow a sugar-treated presentation of a religion to be taught to impressionable school children? One reason is to avoid offending Muslims by saying or teaching anything that makes them look bad. This is PC at its worst. Keep the truth from our children so those who want to dominate us aren’t offended. Another reason is that the leftists controlling the NEA will cozy up to any group that opposes the right, even if they don’t agree with all their beliefs. A third reason, and equally as frightening as the others, is that God may be allowing Islam to grow to become His tool for bringing judgment on America.

Whatever the causes, the indoctrination is underway. We can pray for God’s mercy on us, but I believe He has already lifted His protective hand and has given us over to our lusts and degrading passions (Romans 1:26-28). He has given us what we have asked for as a nation and will allow us to reap the consequences. When we abandon Him, the most perverse behaviors will surely follow, and with the aberrant lifestyles come a susceptibility to all sorts of false teaching.

Next week, we’ll look at how a similar indoctrination is taking place in many of our nation’s churches.



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