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Iranian protesters demand Khamenei quit over plane downing

Why Democrats are leaving out Israel while debating the Mideast (MUST READ)

Israeli intel helped the US assassinate Soleimani 

UN Hiring American Gun Control and Civilian Disarmament Officers! 

Iranian protesters refuse to walk on US, Israeli flags – watch

Trey Gowdy Says Removing Trump is Not Democrat’s Goal – They Have a More Devious Plan

New York Times: Trumps Sanctions Against Iran Are Working, Giving U.S. a Unique Position

US Army to purchase Israeli-made Spike missiles  

An undated file picture shows an Israeli soldier firing an anti-tank missile Spike-LR, manufactured by an Israeli Defense contractor. Israeli Defense Ministry said December 29, 2003, it signed a deal worth about $250 million to produce and supply anti-tank missiles to Poland. (photo credit: RAFAEL ADVANCED SYSTEMS)

Epidemic of Government Employees Watching Porn on Taxpayer Time

Iran will have enough material for a nuclear bomb within the year

House Democrats Demanding ICE Release All Transgender Undocumented Immigrants

Iran bulldozes grave of Christian pastor hanged by regime

Iran_s St Stepanos Church, a medieval Armenian Christian place of worship, is seen near the city of Jolfa about 500 km (310 miles) northwest of Tehran November 14, 2008 (photo credit: REUTERS/RAHEB HOMAVANDI_

President Trump Retweets Photo Of Schumer, Pelosi In Islamic Garb Posing With Iranian Flag  (MUST SEE)

Great video: Iranian Regime Rocked by U.S. Strike on General Soleimani

Dems Just Blocked Resolution Condemning Iran for Killing Protesters & Shooting Down Jet

DHS Approves $100k Grant of Taxpayers’ Money to CAIR


Hang in There 

And after you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself perfect, confirm, strengthen and establish you.
1 PETER 5:10

This week’s news from Washington and the Middle East provides a glimpse into the heart of those whose lives have not been touched by God. The first three chapters of Romans reveal the true nature of mankind as descendants from Adam, and it’s not good. In fact, it’s really ugly. Most people try to hide the truth by constructing a false façade around themselves-an image they want to present to the world. Sooner or later, however, life gets in the way and the truth behind the mask is exposed. The depth of the hatred is shocking to most of us, but not to God. As things heat up around the world, peoples’ hearts will grow colder and colder, so get used to it.

Followers of Christ must remember that in this world, we will have troubles of all kinds, but Jesus has overcome the world. If we allow Him to be our life (by walking in the Spirit), we can walk as overcomers. Today’s verse is a reminder of how God uses the “suffering” in our lives to mold us into overcomers. Peter assures us that, in the big picture, our suffering is brief, even though it seems like an eternity. He also makes it clear that it will be worth it. God rewards those who earnestly seek Him (Hebrews 11:6), and part of the seeking is willingly accepting the necessary suffering.

But once our time of suffering has run its appointed course, He will impart our rewards. He will mature us. Our spiritual vision will have improved. We will have greater insight, wisdom and understanding. He will put His stamp of approval on us, leaving no doubt that He is pleased with us. To the degree that our suffering has weakened us, He will pour His strength into us. We will be revitalized to the degree that we will be ready for anything. Finally, He will firmly plant us in our new position that He has prepared for us.

We will discover that God was, indeed, taking us somewhere. There was a purpose behind everything we suffered through. In the end, it will be more than worth it. We will understand that without the suffering, we would still be where we were before-comfortable but powerless, happy but not joyful, looking good on the outside but empty on the inside. We will understand that suffering is a requirement for real growth.

Once we taste what it’s like on the end of suffering, we’ll face the future with a different mindset. We’ll be ready for whatever God has for us, knowing that He is perfecting us and making us fit for heaven. No one looks forward to suffering, but once it comes, we will emerge as conquerors if we allow our Lord, who suffered more than we could ever imagine, to carry us through it toward the prize at the end.


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