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WHO Chief Expected To Face Genocide Charges

Rashida Tlaib: Allah Has Given Opportunity to Show Power of Muslims in Georgia (MUST READ)

Kamala Harris Manipulates Sandy Hook To Push Gun Agenda

The Case for President Trump to Invoke Insurrection Act

Georgia Dem. Senate Candidate Raphael Warnock Pushes the Lie that Jesus is a Palestinian

Dominion Voting Machines Intentionally Rigged Says MI Forensic Report 

A Brand New Caravan of Thousands of Illegals Form After Hearing Joe Biden is President

U.S. Olympics Team to be Permitted to Show How Much They Hate America

RussiaGate 3.0: White House Dealing with New Whistleblower Scandal

Fans Demand NFL Team Raise African-American Flag in Addition to American Flag

GOP Rep. Quits Republican Party, Torching Trump on His Way Out

Did the Supreme Court Decision Not to Take Texas Case Hurt the Constitution?

Supreme Court Bldg.

Shocking Report: List Leaked of Thousands of Chinese Communist Spies Placed in Governments Around the World

Biden Transition Team Hiring Big Tech Leaders Who Censored His Critics

Top Republicans Demand California Return All Federal Money Being Used In Pro-Biden Scheme

Tucker Carlson Highlights Soros’ District Attorney Schemes Pushing Liberal Agenda

Russian Hack of US Gov’t Far Worse Than Originally Reported


Take It to the Enemy

Last Saturday’s post brought a warning to stop placing our hopes in earthly deliverers and live in light of the eternal truth-the battle belongs to the Lord. In Judges 6 we find the Israelites suffering at the hands of the Midianites and the Amalekites. The Angel of the Lord comes to Gideon, assuring him that the Lord is with him. His response is classic: “Then why is all this happening to us?” Besides, he was a nobody. How could God use him? The Angel sent him on a mission, telling him to go in the power of the Lord. He was to tear down the altar of Baal and the image his father had erected. In their place, he was to build an altar to the Lord.

Understandably fearful, he conducted a nighttime stealth raid. After he survived the threats of the men of the city, the enemies joined forces and encamped in the valley below. Once the Spirit of the Lord had come upon him, God told him to send some of the men home so it would be clear that the victory was God’s doing. He was then told to sneak into the enemy’s camp and listen to what they are saying. Having overheard a dream foretelling Gideon’s victory, he was finally convinced. He returns to camp and worships the Lord. He is then told to follow God’s very unorthodox plan. In response to Gideon’s obedience, God routs the enemies, turning them against themselves. Instead of giving God the glory, the people hailed Gideon and wanted him to rule over them. He refuses and things quickly went downhill. Even Gideon falls into idolatry, and after his death, his own family members turn on each other.

Today’s message reminds us that even though the Lord is with us, we had better learn from biblical history if we are to be victorious in the difficult days that are upon him. God does His best work through nobodies, but only after they realize their total dependence on Him. Paul’s unique message was all about this very thing. Unless we realize how sinful and powerless we really are, we will never see why we had to die with Christ. Only then could He fill the void with His own life. Once this issue is settled, we are ready to step out in obedience, regardless of how unorthodox the mission. We must not be content to know the facts of our position, hiding out in our spiritual bunker as we await the Rapture. We are told to put on our spiritual armor because we are in a war that is about to intensify. Gideon was told to tear down the enemy’s altar and image. He was to live out the victory God had promised. He had to take action, and the same is true for us.

We know the victory was won at the cross. Christ has disarmed the demonic rulers and authorities and has made a public display of them. Despite their defeat, the enemies we face will continue to steal, kill, and destroy if we sit idly by doing nothing. We have all the power, and God expects us to use it, but we must understand where the power lies. We don’t need Jesus’ help. We need His life. He is ready to take it to the enemy through us, but we must be willing to let Him do it. Just make sure you know who the real enemy is.



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