If you feel like you’re repeatedly losing the battle against sin, there’s a solution.


Forgiven but in Sin’s Grip
In last week’s installment of “Not I But Christ,” we ended with the thought that we have been forgiven of our sins, but sin still has us in its grip. This is where I believe most Christians remain today, continuing to struggle with the same old things over and over, repeating the cycle of sinning and then asking for forgiveness. If this describes you, you have allowed the old “you” to continue to reign. Christ’s death broke the power of sin over you, but you continue to act as though you are still in bondage to it. If you give into it, sin will strike like a coiled snake. All it needed was your permission. Since you have chosen the sin-filled flesh over the Spirit, you may go through all the expected Christian “motions,” but you will produce no fruit and stay stuck in the spiritual mud. Therefore, if you are to find true life in Christ, you must be willing to let your old life die with Christ on the cross. You must reckon it dead.
Jesus’ message is all about dying with Him,
not just believing in Him.

We Resist
Oh, how we resist this. We don’t like death. We don’t even like to talk about it. Now that we know what biblical death means, we dislike it even more. Die to self? Never! We’ve spent our whole life trying to become someone. Now we’re supposed to give it all up? Indeed, some of Jesus’ sayings are difficult, and this one tops the list. He has clearly stated what is required, and He leaves no wiggle room. We must be “all in” or we’re not really in at all.

Up to You
What about you? Jesus has done His part. Now it’s up to you. The good news is that you don’t have to do anything. All the necessary “transactions” have been completed. Once you believed in Christ and were born again, you were placed “in Christ.” You became part of Jesus’ eternal life. When He died, so did you. It’s a done deal.

Your part is simply to reckon it so, but this requires your willingness to let your old life die so Jesus
can fill the void with His life.

Comfort Zone
Whose life is going to be more effective, yours or His? While that’s an easy question, you may not want Him running your life. You may not want to give up control. You know how you want your life to go. You have your hopes and dreams. What about them? You have clearly defined your comfort zone, and by maintaining control, you can make sure you stay within it. Who knows what will happen if you loosen your grip on your life even a little?

My question to you is how’s that workin’ for ya? Has your tight grip made things better? Have your Christian friends tried to talk to you about your control issues? If this describes you and you choose to remain in this condition, you have decided to continue practicing mediocre Christianity. Everything you do will be in your own strength and it will all be burned up when you stand before the Bema Seat where your works will be judged. You will never experience the thrill of Jesus accomplishing those “greater things” through you. Even worse, you will have proclaimed that you don’t know Jesus well enough to trust Him with your life.

Don’t Quit
No doubt, this post has made you extremely uncomfortable. Please stay with me. The next post will reveal the joy that awaits you. Trust me, it’s worth the struggle. Once you have finally surrendered, you’ll never look back. You will have no regrets.



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