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Kamala Harris Begins Taking Over Joe Biden’s Job 

Dems Advancing Radical Gun Registration, Licensing, and Confiscation Bill! (MUST READ) 

Netflix and Disney Support Aborting Future Customers

YouTube Completely Bans Pro-Life Channel in Latest Conservative Purge 

Joe Biden Goes After The Constitution – He Just Ordered Congress To Restrict The 2nd Amendment

 New York School Tells Parents They Must Work to Abolish White People (MUST READ)

Anti-Trump Lincoln Project Sent Into Spiral – Their Own Co-Founder Conway Tells Them To Shut Down

Democrats Sneak Liberal Priority Into Relief Bill – Pelosi And Schumer Just Slipped In $50 Million For Title X

 Crypto Crescendo Continues as Miami Mayor Considers Paying City Staff in Bitcoin 

U.S. Navy to Force Sailors to Make Pledge to Support Transgenders 

Democrats Admit They Want To Pack More Than The Supreme Court – They Want All Federal Courts Packed

Philly Grade School Forces Kids to Celebrate Black Communism, Praise Murderer, Pledge to Black Power

New Georgia Senator Now Under Investigation Over Voter Organization Work

 Joe Biden Goes After The Military And Police – He Just Blamed Former Members Of Growing Radicalism

 Tucker Obtains Exclusive Report On Biden Admin’s Newest ICE Policies 

Illegal Border Crashers up Over 114%, 6K Unaccompanied Children, Millions Head for Biden Freebies, Amnesty



Fear Not 

For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness,
but one of power, love, and sound judgment.
2 Tim. 1:7

Fear of God

The only fear that belongs in a Christian is the fear of God, but sadly, the fear of man seems to have taken charge, especially since 2020. Those with evil intentions have used fear to keep people isolated, to gain power, and to silence the opposition. Sometimes the problem is much more subtle. People pleasers have voluntarily allowed fear to rule their lives. They fear rejection so much that they will do anything to make people like them. The real problem is that when they are pleasing people, they are not pleasing God. This is a natural consequence of having no fear of God.

Fear is Not from God

Timothy was a timid young man with frequent ailments. Knowing all that his mentor, Paul, had endured at the hands of his enemies, He knew that he too could suffer the same fate. Paul reminded him that fear does not come from God, regardless of how real the fear may seem. Aside from the debilitating effects of fear, it would cause Timothy to question what God had clearly told him to do. It would cause him to doubt whether he heard God correctly. Paul encouraged Timothy to exercise the sound judgment God had given him so he could see his situation as God saw it. Only then could he overcome the fear that would surely invade his mind.

Fear of the Unknown

We can learn from Paul’s advice to his protégé. Since we all have control issues to some degree, we fear the unknown. If we have not learned to walk in the Spirit, the fear will be unbearable. The flesh always needs to be in control. Surprises are unwelcome. Imagining what might happen if we obey will paralyze us. Our fear of man will keep us from obeying God, and in the world we have entered, this will be devastating.

No Excuse

Fear is no excuse to disobey God. If we choose to walk in the Spirit, we are allowing Jesus to live out His life through us, and He is always in control. He will do what the Father has commanded His way, in His time. This should dispel all fear. If it doesn’t, it may be that you really don’t trust Jesus or God. You will never willingly surrender your life to someone you don’t trust, and surrender is essential if you hope to be set free from the fear that has kept you on the sidelines. The coming days will demand your fearless obedience. God has already given you everything you will need. Fear not.



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