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God is in the Details

I have been reading through the Old Testament to discover how God may be speaking to us today to help us navigate these difficult days. When I finished the book of Esther, I had discovered some powerful messages and reminders. We are tempted to think that some things in life just happen because we live in a fallen world. We see these annoyances and disruptions as “unavoidable stuff.” We are even tempted to think that God is up there planning His strategy to counter what He sees happening down here. The book of Esther should dispel this myth. From start to finish, we see the sovereignty of God. Nothing “just happens.”

Those who Stayed

Keep in mind that Esther the only account of those Jews who chose to stay in Babylon (or some other part of the Persian kingdom) when they had the chance to return home. While most of those who remained likely chose the comforts of captivity over the difficulties of a journey home, God always has a remnant—those who remain faithful to Him.

Included in that remnant were two insignificant Jews whose choices God directed to bring glory to Himself and life to His people. He raises a Jewish girl out of obscurity to become the queen of the world’s most powerful empire. He ensures that the deeds of her cousin Mordecai are recorded in the palace records. He arranges Esther’s admission to the king’s court and controls the timing of Esther’s two feasts.

God is even involved in the king’s insomnia, including what he chooses to do that sleepless evening. He ensures the Haman’s gallows will be used in an unexpected turn of events. While the king was certain that his will was being imposed throughout his kingdom, God turned his heart toward his queen when she dared to come into his presence without an invitation. In the end, He saw to it that victory came to the Jews through a decree written by none other than Mordecai and Esther.

God Meant for Good

God has a way of turning events upside down and using the enemy’s schemes against them. Haman was forced to honor the one he despised. Later he was hanged on his own gallows. God raised Joseph from prison to second in all Egypt. The story of Daniel and his three friends has a similar twist. God changed Saul of Tarsus into a fearless warrior for Christ. It looked like Satan had won when Christ was crucified but look at what God did with His unparalleled act of obedience.

My point is that since God is in all the details, we must not take what we see at face value. We may not like how the election turned out, but the story isn’t over yet. We may not like the direction our country is going, but the story isn’t over yet. I believe Jesus is about to build His Church, raise up leaders from obscurity and turn the tables on the enemy. Remember, we operate under a different set of rules than the world, and the rewards are infinitely greater. Read the book of Esther again and listen to what God is saying to you. Whatever has you worried, remember, it’s not over yet.


I highly recommend the documentary The Social Dilemma on Netflix. It exposes the gross hypocrisy of the tech giants as they claim that their censorship of conservatives is all about eliminating fake news. You will be enraged and frightened when you learn the degree to which you have already been manipulated and sold to the highest bidder. I also recommend “Comply or Die” by Glenn Beck on YouTube.


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