No one can interfere with God’s plans for you


Sometimes it seems like the poor decisions of others are interfering with what we believe to be God’s will for us. At other times, life itself seems to have gotten in the way. God, however, is never forced into a Plan B. He is sovereign over everyone’s decisions and everything that happens to us. What we see as an annoying roadblock is actually part of God’s plan, and most likely, His goal for us is at odds with our own. We like to quote Romans 8:28 when we have encountered a setback, but our version of this popular verse usually means that He will figure out some way to bring good from our chaotic situation.

The “Good” of Rom. 8:28

The truth is found in verse 29 where God defines just what that “good” is. It’s being conformed into the image of Jesus. Stop and let that sink in. Part of the process of conforming us was the uncomfortable and painful experience God just took us through. The very thing we thought was interfering with God’s will was, in fact, God’s will. Our problem was our definition of good. To us, it’s a pleasant outcome that makes us happy. To God, it’s the glorious end product of sharing in the sufferings of Christ.


The Examples of Joshua and Caleb

The lives of Joshua and Caleb reveal this principle in a practical and profound way. The lack of faith of the other ten spies sent the Israelites on a 40-year detour in the wilderness when they could have entered the Promised Land. Perhaps Joshua and Caleb saw the situation as a devastating blow to what should have happened—what God desired. The truth is that no mortal man can ever stop God from accomplishing His will for someone, including Joshua and Caleb. God purpose for them was not the enter the Promised Land, but to serve as godly leaders for their people. If God had allowed them to enter but the people were wandering in the wilderness, how could they lead them?

God placed these two men of God right where He wanted them—in the midst of the people so they could become role models of spiritual leadership for generations to come. In the end, these two men did enter the Promised Land and continued to lead through example. The day they had longed for had been delayed, but not thwarted. God’s purpose for them had been accomplished.

God Finishes What He Starts

In like manner, no one can hinder God from carrying out His plans for your life. Once God sets something in motion, no one can stop it (Isaiah 46:11). Know too that Romans 8:28 still applies, but now you know what the good is. He has been conforming you to the image of Christ in a way engineered just for you. You may not be able to see the transformation in you just yet. You may feel too exhausted or beaten down to see beyond the present but remember that God always finishes what He begins.

A Look Back

One day you will look back and thank God for the very things that have stretched you beyond your earthly limits. You will have become like a precious diamond that had to be pressed under intense heat and cut and polished by the Master before it could sparkle. Those who will shine the brightest are those who have allowed their Heavenly Father to do whatever was necessary to achieve the best results. Not everyone can be trusted with what is required to produce a super gem. The fact that He chose you for what you have endured shows how precious you are to Him.

Perhaps your “mission” isn’t over yet and there is no end in sight. Remind yourself often of what God is doing. It will be worth it. God finished what He starts.



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