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Critical Social Justice vs. Biblical Justice

Social justice as it is being peddled to America is completely incompatible with biblical Christianity and biblical justice. The failure to see this is causing a serious division within evangelical Christendom. Too many of our evangelical leaders have taken the wrong side in a race war that is leading to a cultural meltdown in America. Major ministries are losing donors, staff, and leadership. Denominations are in turmoil. Seminary faculties are divided with some professors being fired or “asked to leave.” Families are at odds. Marriages are on the rocks, and this is just a small foretaste of what is yet to come.

It’s already so bad that you will be accused of blaming the victim if you refuse to acknowledge that the plight of black people today is due to systemic racism, white supremacy, or white privilege. If you are black and call for personal responsibility and a strong traditional family, you will be accused of a lack of sensitivity, catering to white folk, and being out of touch with blackness and/or black experience.

True Justice

Let’s take a quick look at what constitutes true justice. Real Justice requires truth. When one side rejects objective truth in favor of experience, perceived wrongs, and assumed past racism, there can be no true justice, only a newly and narrowly re-defined type of justice in which the outcome of any investigation is pre-determined. Justice on God’s terms doesn’t accept the testimony of only one witness and disallows partiality (bias) toward either side.

Critical Social Justice begins with the presumed guilt of all white people, and a single accusation is sufficient to seal the verdict. Today, people are routinely rioting and demanding justice before the truth has been determined. Too often, when the truth exonerates the accused, it makes no difference. Real justice in this case is impossible.

A New Identity

When we come to Christ, our identity is completely transformed. We become new creations of a spiritual nature with no division between male and female, Jew or Gentile, free or slave. We are one in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17; Gal. 3:28). According to 2 Cor 5:16 we are to recognize no one according to the flesh. This means that for Christians, those who have been born again, there are no distinctions between black and white. There are no black Christians or white Christian, only Christians. This puts “Christians” who judge other Christians by the color of their skin at odds with the Scripture they claim to live by.

The Marks of a Cult

Cults stay close enough to the Bible that you won’t notice the subtle but yet profound differences. You are presented with a new theology and a new glossary that sound biblical. Cults borrow from the familiar, infusing it with new meaning in a way that appeals to the religious crowd.

New Terminology

The Social Justice cult has its own cosmology (origin of the universe) in which racism has become the new original sin, antiracism, the new law, racial reconciliation, the new gospel. Now familiar names like Trayvon, George, Michael, Breonna & others have become the new martyrs, oppressed minorities, the new priests, and reparations, the new atonement. Wokeness has replaced the new birth, lament is now the new liturgy, and social science, the new canon. Other familiar names like DiAngelo, Kendi, Brown, Crenshaw, etc. are the new theologians. There is no soteriology (study of salvation) since Critical Social Justice offers no salvation, only perpetual penance in an effort to battle an incurable disease.

The way Critical Social Justice distorts and corrupts the gospel, it appears that it has been inspired, if not written, by Satan himself. What better way to attack Christ and His gospel, even from within the Christian community? Next week we’ll look at the Woke version of the six days of creation.

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