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Biden Admin Called Out for Taking Credit for Afghanistan Rescue: ‘They’re Lying’ 

State Dept blocking private rescue flights from leaving Afghanistan, organizers say: ‘Blood is on their hands’

GOP Rep. McCaul: Taliban Is Holding 6 Airplanes Filled with Americans and Allies

Taliban Blocking Americans From Leaving Afghanistan Because They Lack Proper Papers: Blinken

Congressman: At Least 500 Americans Stranded in Afghanistan, Contradicting White House Estimates

California Requires Aztec Prayer in Schools, and Civil Rights Group Sues

The CCP Amplifies Political Indoctrination in Universities, Displeasing Students


The New Six Days of Creation

We are in a series on the Critical Justice Movement. Today we look at one of the ways it has actually become a new religion with a new cosmology (explanation of the origin of the universe). In his book Fault Lines: The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism’s Looming Catastrophe, Voddie Baucham Jr. has presented a Woke version of the six days of creation, an account that incorporates the new cosmology:

On the first day, white people created whiteness.

Whiteness is a set of normative privileges granted to white-skinned individuals and groups which is “invisible” to those privileged by it. Therefore, to see one’s race as having no meaning is a privilege only Whites can afford. White people created whiteness with the express purpose of oppressing and enslaving black people. Whites created the idea of inferiority for the purpose of justifying unequal treatment.

On the second day, white people created white privilege.

White privilege is a series of unearned advantages that accrue to white people by virtue of their whiteness. The idea is largely the result of a Peggy McIntosh’s publication “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.” It typified most, if not all of the similar grievance studies that followed hers. Her conclusions were based entirely on assumptions, anecdotes, and personal observations and were devoid of any scholarly research. (It had no footnotes.) Whiteness is assumed to be true.

On the third day, white people created white supremacy.

White supremacy is any belief, behavior, or system that supports, promotes, or enhances white privilege. White supremacy no longer means extreme hate groups like the KKK or the Nazi regime. Now it means the very air one breathes in a culture created by and for white people. The new definition mirrors the biblical doctrine of total depravity, but in no longer applies to all of Adam’s descendants, only the white-skinned ones.

On the fourth day, white people created white complicity.

White complicity means that white people, through the practice of whiteness and by benefiting from white privilege, contribute to the maintenance of systematic racial injustice. Whereas Christians see Adam as the Federal Head of all mankind through whom the guilt of original sin is imputed to all mankind, the cult of antiracism sees the inventors of whiteness as the Federal Head of all white people through whom guilt is imputed in the form of white complicity.

On the fifth day, white people created white equilibrium.

White equilibrium is the belief system that allows white people to remain comfortably ignorant (of their guilt). It is a cocoon of racial comfort, centrality, superiority, entitlement, racial apathy, and obliviousness, all rooted in an identity of being good people free of racism.

On the sixth day, white people created white fragility.

White fragility is the inability and unwillingness of white people to talk about race due to the grip of whiteness, white supremacy, white privilege, white complicity, and white equilibrium exert on them (knowingly of unknowingly). The denial of guilt is seen as proof of guilt. Here’s how it works:

The claim: You have white privilege and are complicit in white supremacy and racism.
Response:  That is not true! I (fill in rationale here).

Conclusion: That is your white fragility fighting for equilibrium.

The only acceptable response by white people is to admit their racism, repent of it, and work to eliminate it. Keep this new account of creation in mind as you encounter Woke America. We need to know what we are up against if we are to remain free from its clutches.

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