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Racism: The New Original Sin

In previous posts we saw that according to Critical Social Justice, racism is the new original sin, but it is far more than an analogy. The goal is to change the way Americans think so that racism actually supplants Adam’s sin of disobeying God. Why America? Because racism is America’s sin, and it is a narrowly defined corporate sin, not one of individuals. How is it corporate? Because it applies only to white people as a group. No white person is exempt. Therefore, black people cannot be racists, only victims of racism by every white person that has ever lived in America.

America’s Sin

Since racism is America’s sin, but only white Americans are guilty, black Americans have been so disenfranchised that they are not really Americans. They only live here as the victims of racism by white people. We are to believe that racism exists today, in both traditional and modern forms, and everyone in America has been socialized to participate in it. All white people benefit from racism, regardless of their intentions. This is what is being taught all across America.

Systemic Racism

Since racism has replaced Adam’s original sin, the root of all sin is the racism by all white people against all black people. All people no longer sin against God. Now only white people sin, and blacks can only be victims. Without this understanding, no one can understand the Bible. Thus, we are to believe that America has sinned, and certain Americans (white) have inherited that sin whether they know it or not. Since the entire “system” is rigged against black people, this new definition sees racism as being systemic and institutional.

As bad as this is, it gets worse. If white Christians don’t adopt the new antiracist theology and repent of their racism, they are in danger of being alienated from God. Those who fail to elevate the preaching of the antiracist message to the same level as the preaching of the gospel are now preaching another gospel, which is no gospel at all. Do you see how insidious this false teaching is? There is nothing good in it. It offers no redemption, only guilt and continuous penance.

Unmoved by Evidence

This new definition of racism explains why antiracists are not moved by the evidence in individual police shootings. For them, the only relevant fact is proportionality. If blacks are shot by police at a disproportionate rate, it is de facto racism. Moreover, any attempt to explain the disparity as anything other than racism is, according to Robin DeAngelo, another form of racism called “aversive racism.” This is why antiracists also cry foul when issues like out-of-wedlock birthrates, criminality, and cultural norms (in the black community) enter the discussion.

With the outcome predetermined, it’s easy to see why the mere reliance on things like facts, statistics, or the scientific method (to prove the existence of inequities) are actually seen as racist (unless, of course, they support the claims of racism). The bottom line is if you don’t accept the Critical Social Justice worldview, you are engaged in racism.

The dumbing down in our public schools over the past few decades has produced generations of young people who are unable to engage in critical thinking. They are easy prey for false doctrine peddlers, and Critical Social Justice “theology” is being taught everywhere. I am doing my best to keep you informed so you can see it for what it is—a deadly enemy that threatens to tear our nation apart.

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