Pope Francis has seduced many religious leaders (including Evangelicals) to join his deceptive call to unity.

Examining Catholicism
Part 3: The Pope’s Big Tent

Pope Francis has been frighteningly successful in bringing world leaders on board. He has overlooked the violations of Catholic teaching by those Catholic world leaders who support his globalist agenda. He has also been successful in bringing key Protestant leaders into the fold largely due to the widespread lack of discernment.

A New Tower of Babel

Mike Gendron of Proclaiming the Gospel has suggested that the Pope is attempting to rebuild the religious Tower of Babel in his lifetime. Since the Pontiff is in his mid-80s, he doesn’t have a lot of time left. Either he won’t complete his goal, or it will happen very soon. Judging from the rapid changes in the past two years, he just might succeed. It’s kind of like the story from Genesis 11 in reverse. God dispersed the people into different language groups to prevent them from unifying under the purpose of making a name for themselves and worshipping a false god in the heavens. The dispersion would keep the sin from spreading throughout the world.

Now the Pope wants to do the very thing God wanted to prevent. The globalists behind the Pope’s proclamations are out to make a name for themselves, placing themselves at the top of the New World Order to which the world will become subjected.

Seducing Evangelical Leaders

To be successful, the Pope must bring key evangelical leaders on board, and their followers must fall in line. Well-known figures like Kenneth Copeland, John and Carol Arnott, James and Betty Robinson, Geoff Tunnicliffe, Thomas Schirrmacher, Luis Palau, and Rick Warren are among those who have publicly embraced the Pope as a fellow Christian. According to a recent Lifeway survey, 63% of 1000 evangelical pastors polled believe Pope Francis to be a brother in Christ. Five Hundred years ago the Reformers called the Pope the antichrist. Today we’re embracing him. Discernment appears to have nearly disappeared.

At a Kenneth Copeland ministry event recently, the Anglican Bishop Tony Palmer proclaimed that the Protestant protest is over, and it’s time to unite since Catholics and Evangelicals preach the same gospel. His message was enthusiastically received. Apparently, his audience failed to realize that the simple gospel of salvation by grace through faith leading to good works which he proclaimed to them is only part of the gospel that is taught in Catholic churches every week. He left out the need to be baptized, do good works, receive the sacraments, obey the law, go to the weekly sacrifice of the mass, bring glory to God and Mary, and obey church tradition to have their sins forgiven. (In Catholicism, Catholic Church tradition is as important as the Bible.)

Human Tradition is Condemned

In Mark 7, especially in verse 13, Jesus condemns the religious leaders (Pharisees) because they invalidate the Word of God with their (man-made) tradition. Paul warns the Christians at Colossae not to be taken captive through philosophy and empty deception according to human tradition (Colossians 2:8). The Bible ends with a warning that whoever adds anything to the words of this book shall receive the plagues written in the book (Revelation 22:18). Yet this hasn’t stopped the Roman Catholic Church from embracing their Church’s traditions, even when they contradict the Word of God.

Pope Supports Biden

Pope Francis fully supports Joe Biden, overlooking his support of abortion and homosexuality, because they agree on what’s really important to them—a Socialist and Marxist agenda that will result in a global government (which will lead to a common global religion). It’s sad that Catholics have been taught to trust in their religion (instead of Christ) to get them into heaven. Despite Pope Francis’ obvious Communist foundation, they believe anything he says, regardless of how unbiblical his claim may be. Their lack of discernment has blinded them to the truth—Pope Francis is a false prophet who is leading them into eternal damnation.


Pope Francis has called himself the Vicar of Christ and the head of the Church, taking the place of Christ Himself. The RC Church teaches that the Pope is infallible when speaking on faith and morals. Yet, Pope Francis has denied the bodily resurrection of Jesus and denied that there is a hell. He proclaimed that atheists can make it to heaven as long as they are sincere.

Where Will You Spend Eternity?

What is at stake is where every person on earth will spend eternity. This includes you. According to the Bible, which true Christians believe to be the unchangeable Word of God, the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church will lead its followers away from God, away from Christ, and straight into the arms of Satan himself. They will spend eternity in hell for rejecting Jesus’ complete and sufficient work on their behalf on the cross. God sends no one to hell. It’s the only other option for those who worship their false religion instead of Christ.

If you would like more information regarding the connection between Islam and Catholicism, I recommend my book Islam and the Last Days which is available on my website at edrodgers.net. You will also find a page “How to Know You’re Heaven Bound” which you may find helpful.

Next week we’ll look at how Catholicism has perverted God’s clear plan of salvation.

If you are a Catholic and would like more information regarding Catholicism, I recommend proclaimingthegospel.org.



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