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Cashless and Dependent

Continuing our discussion from last week, some believe the transition to a cashless currency in America will happen in the next three years, while the Democrats have the presidency. If this is correct, think of the massive changes we can expect in the very near future. Covid was just the warmup. The younger crowd will welcome the necessary technology that will be forced upon us. Old schoolers will have a rough time adapting, and we won’t have a choice. For a while, I have been writing about the need to start preparing for what is coming. This may be the first major change we will face.

All about Control

In case you’re wondering why any government would institute such a massive change that would disrupt the way we do business and invest our money, you can stop wondering. It’s all about control. When a government determines that it will honor only one type of currency—a type that it controls and regulates, all other forms become worthless. Since our current administration is completely controlled by the World Economic Forum (WEF), we can know what to expect, and it’s a cashless, electronic global currency system of its own making requiring technology that they control.

The WEF has boasted that a great economic reset is on the way, and now we know what they have in mind. It will require some sort of identification which may take the form of something like the proposed vaccine passport, or it may be a chip implanted under our skin. Whatever it is, it is not the mark of the beast (Rev. 13:16-18) because the Antichrist has not yet risen to power. Whatever form the required identification takes, it will allow its recipients to buy and sell, but it will also enable Big Brother to monitor and track their purchases, movements, and lifestyles. I believe that what’s coming our way will pave the way for the mark of the beast once the Tribulation begins.

Dependent on the Government

Once the current plan becomes fully operational, banks will close. They will no longer be necessary. In fact, they will become irrelevant just as all their money and investments will become irrelevant and worthless. Everything we have done to preserve our nest eggs or to serve as a hedge against inflation will suffer the same fate. All forms of cash, precious metals and crypto currencies will become worthless. Cashing in your investments and storing the cash at home won’t help so don’t bother. No one will have an advantage. The plan is to make everyone completely dependent on the government.

The massive inflation we are currently experiencing is part of the plan. While the talking heads on the left call it “transitory” (temporary), they know better. The actual inflation is far worse than the numbers being posted. The cost of many consumer items has risen 300% or more, and the trend continues. Our nation is in such debt that China owns us. We, as a nation, are about to reap what we have sown, and we have no right to ask God to bail us out.

How to Prepare

So, how do we prepare? The most practical things we can do immediately are to get out of debt as soon as possible and make the most of the cash you now hold. Analyze your buying habits, focusing on your real needs so you can stretch your money. Storing non-perishables makes sense. Yet, the best thing we can do is to focus on God’s promises to His children. He knows exactly what’s coming, and we must say as close to Him as we can. He is our provider regardless of what the government does, and He wants us to focus on Him and His assignments. While others are freaking out, we can be the rock they need. He has us here right now for a reason.

Hopefully, before we reach the changes I have described here, there will be such a backlash to the increasing governmental intrusion and overreach that we can derail some of the components and postpone the inevitable. Only God knows. In the meantime, look for the warning signs. Exciting days are ahead!

Click here for a great interview regarding China’s new digital currency and how it will be used to control the masses.

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