Is it time for an adjustment in our priorities?


Is God Your Top Priority?

Think of your average day. How much of a priority is God? How does your time with Him compare with your time inPraying Man PAID front of your computer or TV? Is He your primary focus? The sad truth is that the amount of time we spend with God each day reflects how much we love Him and enjoy being with Him. Forcing ourselves to spend more time with Him isn’t going to make us love Him more. We must first desire to love Him. If we are honestly seeking Him, He will reveal Himself to us. Then, the more we love Him, the more time we will spend with Him.

It’s the same with our earthly relationships. When we’re attracted to someone, we really want to go on a date with him or her. We don’t date someone without any feelings for them in hopes that somehow, love will blossom. It can happen, but that’s not the way it usually works. It’s true that love grows as you spend time together, but there first must be an attraction.

Stop Striving

It’s the whole Old Covenant – New Covenant thing. The Old Covenant way is to do the right thing and God will love you and reward you. The New Covenant way is to give up the striving and submit to the Lord because of the sacrifice He made for you. Since He first loved us, we willingly love Him in return. We will want to spend time with Him. No one will have to exhort us or to shame us into bolstering up our “devotional life.”

Bible FREEOur prayer/devotional life says it all. If we are intimately related to God, we will be spending as much time in His Word as we can, not because of the pastor’s pleading, or out of curiosity to discover what’s in it for us, but because we want to. We’ll want to know Him better, and what we do will flow naturally. In return, He will show us all that He has in store for those who love Him. There’s a good reason why the first and greatest commandment is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Everything else flows from it. Isn’t it time to make the main thing the main thing and let the rest take care of itself?



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