This issue looks at Israeli-American relations, ISIS in Gaza, Syrian refugees find Jesus, and more.


Obama sees Netanyahu as most disappointing of all Mideast leaders

photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem/Pool/Flash90

photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem/Pool/Flash90 reports: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “is in his own category” when it comes to the Middle East leaders who have most deeply disappointed President Barack Obama, according to a major overview of the Obama presidency, featuring numerous interviews with the president, published online Thursday by The Atlantic. Read more.

Israelis prefer Hillary for president, survey finds reports: Israelis favor Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton to succeed US President Barack Obama, but narrowly say Israel’s interests would be better served if controversial Republican candidate Donald Trump was to be voted in as the next commander-in-chief, according to a new poll. The survey, commissioned by the Walla news site and carried out Thursday, found 38 percent of Israelis supporting a Clinton victory in the November 2016 race for president, followed in second place by Trump with 23%. Read more.

Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip (Photo: Video screenshot)

Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip (Photo: Video screenshot)

Hamas Trains, Harbors 250 ISIS Fighters in Gaza Strip reports: Respected and independent Egyptian news outlet El-Watan cited top Egyptian security forces as saying they received information that 250 armed foreign Islamic State fighters are currently inside the Gaza Strip. Hamas officials are said to be in charge of the training and housing of these fighters and providing them with weapons and ammunitions. Read more.


Latin American MPs sign resolution supporting Israel and opposing boycotts reports: The resolution the Latin American lawmakers signed states, in Spanish, that they “unequivocally declare, personally, our support for the Jewish people to live in peace, safety and security in the Land of Israel,” and that “strong relations between the Western Hemisphere and Israel are crucial to the spread of freedom, democracy and justice around the world.” Read more.

After 5 years of civil war, Syrian refugee thanks Israelis and Jews for being “true friends”

US democracy at stake amid campaign violence, major Jewish group warns

News from The Israel Project
The latest wave of terror in Israel may not be conducted by “lone wolves,” as is commonly believed, but guided by the hidden hand of Hamas, a leader terror researcher has reported. Read more.

A U.S. District Court in New York ordered Iran last Wednesday to pay approximately $11 billion and about $3 billion to the families of 9/11 victims and insurance companies, respectively. Documents related to the lawsuit allege that some of the 9/11 hijackers visited Iran prior to the attacks and did not have their visas stamped, and that Hezbollah aided and instructed them. Read more.

A Hamas terror commander is dead after a tunnel collapse near Israel’s border.
Hamas wants to use these tunnels to murder innocent Israeli families and their destruction is good news.


Iraq’s Coming ApocalypseMosul dam reports: No, it’s not ISIS or rampaging Shi’i militias. It’s the Mosul Dam, Iraq’s largest, and its possible collapse, perhaps leading to millions of deaths. Those in the know worry catastrophe could strike this spring, as snows melt and build an uncontrollable water pressure. Read more.

How to Recognize a foolish Leader reports: How do we know if a potential leader is foolish? The principle is in this statement that Jesus made: “Every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit” (Matthew 7:17). We must examine the fruit. And the Bible is quite clear on what the diseased fruit of foolishness looks like: Read more.

Sharia courts, enforcing rape, child marriage and other kinds of oppression in UK

Sharia courts, enforcing rape, child marriage and other kinds of oppression in UK

85 Sharia Courts Operate in UK reports: Sharia law is not restricted to just the territory controlled by terrorist groups in the Middle East. In fact, Sharia courts are prominent in one of the United States’ strongest allies, the UK. Read more.

Increasing Attention to Muslim Women’s Role in Terrorism reports: After a recent incident on a JetBlue passenger jet, some are left wondering about Muslim women, their role in terrorism and Islamophobia… This event has given reason to bring our attention to the question of whether or not Muslim women now a legitimate security concern. It is a fact that ISIS does recruit women around the world into its ranks; therefore, appropriate caution does not appear to be unfounded. Read more.

DESPERATE SYRIAN REFUGEES RUN TO CHRIST: TEACH THEIR CHILDREN ABOUT JESUSrefugees children reports: Syrian refugees who fled predominantly Muslim countries amid ongoing war and terrorism are embracing Christianity and teaching their children about Jesus after experiencing firsthand the love and compassion of Believers in Greece. (Photo: Reuters / Muhammad Hamed / via Gospel Herald) Read more.

Two Wealthy Texas Muslims Found Guilty of Slavery Tell Judge that punishing them would be Islamophobic – Judge Bans them from US

Is Merrick Garland, Obama Supreme Court nominee, really the centrist the media is casting him as?

Which GOP Candidate is Anti-Gun, Pro-Amnesty and Pro-Common Core?

As More Gitmo Prisoners Go Free Intel Report Affirms Return to Terrorism

Black Lives Matter Protester Threatens, if Trump Wins We Riot!


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