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If you have not read last Saturday’s post, please read it here so that today’s post will make sense as I deviate from my previous Saturday news format. It may change from week to week as I search for an appropriate balance between understanding the times and setting our mind on things above. According to my new (tentative) format, here’s a brief overview of what’s happened over the past two weeks:daily news

  1. The Islamic State Prepares for War with 400 Terrorists Spread Across Europe. What a shock! Who would have seen that coming?

  2. Legislators are dealing with issues like which bathrooms are legal for people plagued with “gender identification syndrome.” Who has stolen our universe and which one have we been transported into?

  3. Our president tells children in Argentina that socialism and communism are just as good as capitalism while playing down the threat from Islamic terrorists…I mean terrorist extremists. Yes, socialism and communism have been our foundation since 1776, and remember, the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam.

  4. More classified emails are being found on Hillary’s private server. They must have been planted by Chinese hackers.

  5. More faked hate incidents against Muslims were exposed. With all the protection our president is giving to Muslims, why is this even necessary?

  6. ISIS is unleashing its hate on Europe while our president says they’re no threat to us. Well, I sure can sleep better now.

  7. Those leading in the polls in the run for the White House are, at the same time, held in contempt by the majority of Americans. This alone shows the state of the American electorate. Don’t you feel proud to be an American?

  8. The Obama administration finally officially labeled the actions of ISIS against Christians (and others) as genocide. Now when Christian are slaughtered, we have an official name for it.

  9. Seven Iranian Hackers were Indicted For U.S. Cyberattacks. How can that be? Our President assured us that the Iranians are our friends.

  10. Emory students were traumatized by pro-Trump graffiti.. Oh the horror!

  11. A former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency struck back this Wednesday against what he believed to be an inordinately misguided plan by President Barack Obama to force America to bask in “multicultural (Muslim) appeasement.” I think he may be on to something.

  12. President Obama (along with Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdoğan) will open a $100 million Turkish-funded mega-mosque (world’s largest mosque) in Landham, Maryland. What’s more American than the world’s largest mosque? Doesn’t it give you the warm fuzzies?

  13. While Turkey has arrested ISIS fighters planning an attack on Jewish children, new documents reveal the extensive collaboration between Turkey and ISIS. In light of the previous headline, do you suppose this explains Obama’s halfhearted approach to dealing with ISIS?

  14. Just a few months after Japan welcomed 27 Muslim refugees, two of them have already been arrested for gang rape. Prior to this, Japan had no terrorists because they had no Muslims. I wonder if there’s a connection.

  15. Attacks against Christians are increasing around the world (especially on Easter). The world is crying out for American leadership against these atrocities. The world shouldn’t hold its breath waiting for this to happen.

  16. Severe travel warnings for Jews have been issued following the Istanbul attack and Turkish intel on Islamic State plots to target Jews. Christians and Jews are under attack around the world. What does this say about where we are in biblical prophecy?

  17. Our government is finally cracking down on international gang members here in the U.S. Gee, I wonder how they got here.

  18. A new report says the U.S. how has 61 million immigrants.Immigrants began our nation and they may very well end it.

  19. Israeli PM Netanyahu says it’s time for Israel to establish full diplomatic ties with Indonesia, the World’s most populous Muslim nation. I can’t wait to see how this works out.

  20. Ties between Loretta Lynch’s law firm and Hillary Clinton have been exposed. This can’t possibly be true. That would be unethical.

  21. After the Paris and Brussels attacks, European investigators have discovered a much greater ISIS presence than previously thought. Will they finally wake up? I doubt it.

  22. The majority of millennials support socialism…until they start working. Reality has a way of clearing up a lot of things.

  23. A Pakistani militant group that has rebranded itself as Muslims of the Americas, says it has 22 “Islamic villages” in the U.S. operating under sharia law. Read moreThey’re not coming. They’re here.

  24. An Israeli firm helped the FBI crack San Bernardino gunman’s cell phone without Apple’s help. Yet another reason why we need Israel more than Israel needs us.

  25. A letter sent this week by U.S. Ambassador Power to U.N. officials criticizes recent Iranian ballistic missile launches but stops short of describing the launches as a “violation” of the Security Council resolution that codified the nuclear deal with Iran, according to Reuters. We wouldn’t want to upset our Shia friends

  26. A staggering 80% of Muslims in Europe are now on welfare. This is the European Multicultural Socialist utopia in action and it’s coming to a town near you.

  27. On Thursday, Israel’s IDF conducted drills to simulate an ISIS terror attack with hostage taking. We can learn a lot from this, but we probably won’t.

  28. A majority of states is now defying Obama’s illegal immigration order.Are we finally starting to wake up?

  29. The U.S. has just given $270,000 to Islamic Relief Worldwide, a group which was banned in Israel for funding Hamas & in the UAE for Muslim Brotherhood links. How much more evidence do we need to see which side our current administration is really on?

And finally

  1. Egyptians are drafting a law that would ban Islamic veils in public institutions. Will their efforts be to no avail? If they are, will their efforts have been successful or not? It’s worth pondering.

nothing changesLet’s take a giant step back and consider this sampling of our recent news. Here’s what I see. Stupid people are continuing to do stupid things. People under Satan’s control are doing exactly what we should expect. People with formed opinions continue to be unmoved by their favorite candidate’s past and/or present reprehensible behavior. Our nation’s moral freefall continues…etc. etc. etc.

The question is what are we to do? What can we do? Most people I know feel powerless to change anything, and rightly so. Despite all the political insight from news analysts, talk radio hosts, and bloggers, nothing changes. The trajectory our nation is on continues, unmoved by any attempts to change course. The candidates promise to turn things around, but except for one of them, I am convinced that their “leadership” will only exacerbate our problems.


The events the angel Gabriel described to Daniel in chapter eleven of the book of Daniel should supply hope for usForetoldCoverSM compressed as we are surrounded by stupidity and evil. We need to be reminded that the wicked rulers and stupid leaders are simply living out what’s written in the Book of Truth.

We can take heart in the knowledge that there is no authority except that which God has established (see Romans 13:1). Consequently, we must honor and submit ourselves to the government that is over us, no matter who that governing authority is. This does not mean, however, that we cannot use godly and just means to challenge and change the laws and the leadership when they are in open conflict with God’s commands.

This must be done, however, with grace and after much prayer. This is exactly what Daniel did and it worked out rather well. It wasn’t easy, but his persistence paid off. The knowledge of God’s sovereignty should also give us hope that evil rulers can quickly be brought to their knees if God so chooses. Consider what happened to Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar. It can happen in our day too.

Let’s try to view our world with the knowledge that nothing escapes God’s notice and nothing can change what’s already written in the Book of Truth.

For a clearer understanding of just how Daniel did what he did, check out my latest book, Foretold.
empty tomb
Oh, here’s one more news item that happened some time ago. Jesus rose from the dead, rendering all the other news stories meaningless. We need to remind ourselves of this often.


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