How to avoid getting upset by the news.

IT’S NEWS TO MEdaily news

  1. Shock Report finds that More than 250K Veterans have had their Gun Rights Revoked since 2015!  Read moreThis is further evidence of what this administration’s gun control agenda is really all about.
  1. Austria’s Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil announced Saturday that the country will be sending soldiers to their border with Italy in preparation for an expected surge in the number of migrants seeking to pass through Austria on their way to northern Europe. Read moreA glimmer of hope that reason has not left Europe completely.
  1. Footage surfaces of Bernie Sanders Praising Communism’s Bread Lines & food Rationing.  Read more. It’s amazing how blind some people can be in light of all the available evidence.
  1. Politically Correct Obama White House Censors French President after He says some unkind things about Islam! Read more. This should surprise no one.
  1. Homosexuals to Christians Bakers: ‘We Will Burn Your House Down, Sodomize Your Son.’ Read more. Most Americans have no idea what militant homosexuals are willing to do to anyone who opposes them. 
  1. Israel’s air superiority keeping threats in check, but that could change amid Mideast arms race, air force chief of staff says.Read moreIsrael must learn to trust in God to protect them (and so should we, but why should He in light of what we have done to Him?)
  1. Israeli Navy sinks suspected smuggling boat off of Gaza coast. Read more. Israel’s enemies never stop.
  1. Radical Islamist Charter Schools Spreading to U.S. Military Bases. Read moreThe cancer is metastasizing.
  1. Police Claim 50 ISIS Sympathizers Worked at Brussels Airport. Read more.If you feel safe because we live so far from Belgium, read item 15.
  1. Leader of Group Trying to Force Unisex Bathrooms in Charlotte is Hiding an Ugly Secret. Read moreNo kidding!
  1. Two Al-Qaeda Explosives Experts Released from Gitmo. Read moreSoon, we won’t have to worry about closing Gitmo. There’ll be nobody there.
  1. For the second year in a row, the White House has hosted a Nowruz festival, honoring the Iranian New Year. The stated purpose of the festival is to help Americans remember that diversity plays an important role in our country, especially during a time of such “hateful rhetoric.” Read moreWhat about celebrating Festivus while we’re at it?
  2. Hamas Taps over 1,000 Terror Operatives to Dig Gaza Tunnels.Read more.For Israel, it’s 24/7!
  1. Muslim Public Schools Prove that Islamic “Extremism” is Mainstream. Read moreWhen the world finally wake up, it’ll be too late.
  1. Only three airports in the United States require their employees to undergo a security check before they begin their work day–“Atlanta, Miami, and Orlando. Read more. Are you surprised?


Satan and JesusIt’s All Connected

To put current events in proper perspective, God wants us to see the big picture. We must understand that from the very beginning, Satan has been waging a war for supremacy over the universe. When his pride and his desire for ultimate greatness got the best of him, he did everything in his power to prevent his ultimate rival, Jesus Christ, from being born. When that failed, he tried to kill all the male babies in the vicinity of Bethlehem after hearing the prophecy of the Messiah’s birth from the magi (see Mt 2:16). Once Jesus had been born, he tried to tempt Him to surrender His authority (see Mt 4:1-11). He then stirred up the religious leaders of Israel to kill Him, and used Judas to betray Him. At the time, these were just “current events,” but they were all connected.

After Jesus’ death and resurrection, Satan turned his attention to two groups-the Jews and those who believed in Jesus and followed Him in faith. He convinced most of the Jews that Jesus was not their Messiah. If he couldn’t prevent the Messiah from coming, at least he could prevent His people from following Him. Meanwhile, he would seek ways to pour out his hatred on them for giving birth to his rival-the Messiah-the Son of God. He would never give up his quest to destroy them and to wipe them off the face of the earth.

Why the Hatred?

When we understand this, we can understand most of what’s going on around the world. We can understand theHolocaust pile of bodies hatred of the Jewish people for the past thirty-four hundred years. We can understand the Spanish Inquisition. We can understand the Russian Pogroms. We can understand the Holocaust of World War II. We can understand the past and continued animosity of the world’s nations against Israel.

When considering today’s “current events,” just think about which nation is at the center of them all. It’s Israel! She is the only nation on earth established and ordained by God for His purposes. To attack Israel is to attack God Himself. That’s what’s really going on.

Who is Currently Ruling?

Never forget that Satan is the current ruler of our world. Ever since sin entered the picture, he has staked his claim. Those who will be part of Christ’s Bride must be removed from his grip and transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light. Everyone born into our world belongs to Satan until God snatches him away through the power of the gospel and the prayers of the redeemed.

bestrongandofgoodcourageDespite all this, we must remember that the Most High God, the Almighty, the Omnipotent One, is ruler over all, including Satan and all in his hand. We must tap into His power if we are to be successful in acting as God’s representatives. Apart from Him we are powerless, but by allowing His Son to live His life through us, nothing is impossible because greater is He Who is in us than he who is in the world (see 1 John 4:4). Our loving heavenly father wants us to succeed. He wants us to be strong and courageous and to depend on Him. He has made us as overcomers (see 1 John 5:5) and has given us the power to overcome anything as we walk in His will.” The news should inform us but not frighten us.

He has Risen

Resigning ourselves to “what will be will be” isn’t at all the attitude God expects from His children. As I have said before, we serve a risen Savior. He ROSE FROM THE DEAD! What more do we need to know about our future. His road to the cross was a difficult one (to put it mildly), but the ultimate outcome made it all worthwhile. We have been promised a similar path, but the outcome will make it all worth it for us too. Like Paul, let’s press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus (see Phil. 3:14) unmoved by anything that is happening in our world.



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