How should Christians respond to the election results?



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Israeli American flagNow That Donald Trump is our President-elect, how should we respond. Assuming that you’re pleased with the outcome, should we view his improbable victory as a miracle, a gift from God, one last outpouring of God’s mercy, or something else? Has God given us one last chance to repent and right the wrongs of our recent past? It appears that we will soon be able to eradicate unjust laws and executive actions, to appoint fair-minded justices to the Supreme Court, to take steps to re-establish American sovereignty, and to strengthen our ties with Israel.

Republicans may never again have the opportunity to prove themselves and their ideas. They have the ideal situation, but also an incredibly steep and high mountain to climb. The damage done by the Obama administration will be undone only by bold, wise, and sacrificial measures. To reduce our national debt, massive cuts MUST be made somewhere or a new income source MUST be found. Our military MUST be rebuilt and our strength of resolve against our enemies MUST be reestablished.

As usual, the economy was the primary issue with voters. It’s always about the money. Yet God has, in my opinion, acted mercifully in shutting down and embarrassing the Clinton machine,money bag George Soros and all the other power brokers who thought they had everything going their way. It appeared as though the globalists, who had been heading the world toward a one-world government were setting the stage for all the end times drama described in Daniel and Revelation.

Then along came Brexit, and then Donald Trump. Suddenly, on November 9th, all the rules have changed, at least for now. The unexpected happened and the unlikely prevailed. As the world is in shock, Christians must soberly and seriously consider what has happened from God’s perspective. Why has He orchestrated such unlikely events, and what is He requiring from us?

If we simply breathe a sigh of relief and go about our business as usual, we will surely be inviting our quick demise. We have been given a gift, and as with any blessing, we are expected to do something with it that will bring glory to God, advance His kingdom, and build His Church. Now is the time for churches to come together in prayer and fasting so we can join God in what He is doing. Now is the time for churches to repent and reassess their missions. Now is the time to capitalize on the unique time of healing our nation hopefully will experience so we can introduce hurting people to the great healer, Jesus Christ. Now is the time to scrap our “programs” and be all about sacrificial relationships that will display Jesus to those around us.

I feel like God is saying, “We can do this the easy way or the hard way.” The opportunity we have been given is the easy way. If we fail to respond properly, we will have opted for the hard way. Let’s choose wisely.



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